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3 best places to sell your old gadgets

Could that pile of old electronics gadgets cluttering up your office or basement actually be worth some money? To get a sense of the market, I looked up the prices I might get for a used iPhone, iPad, Kindle tablet, and Samsung phone at eight of the bigger buyback services.

Three companies stood out in this tryout; the best one for you will depend on what you’re selling, its condition, and a few other factors. As the chart below shows, prices can vary quite a bit. They can also change over time; I checked twice and got different numbers.

Amazon: Best for random gadgets

Amazon lets you trade in a wide variety of electronics, including items you won’t find on many other trade-in sites, such as external hard drives, routers, and speakers. You can also sell a laptop, though if it’s older, you won’t get a big check.

Gotcha: Once your gadget trade-in is processed, you can’t change your mind.

The payoff: An Amazon gift card is deposited to your account after the item is accepted, usually within two days of approval.

Glyde: Best for highest prices

Glyde charges fees, but its quotes still often came out on top.

Gotcha: It takes a 12 percent fee on the first $100 and 8 percent on the rest. And you may pay shipping charges of $1 to $6.

The payoff: You can choose to be paid with Bitcoins, a new digital currency. But to be safe, you might want to stick to traditional money. You can even opt for a good old-fashioned paper check (for an extra $2 fee) or direct deposit  into your bank account.

NextWorth: Best for easy drop-off

You can send products to NextWorth or drop them off at stores including Target.

Gotcha: If you get an online quote and NextWorth decides your item is worth less once it actually sees it, you have only two days to change your mind. (Other services give you more time.)

The payoff: Store credit for drop-offs, or check or PayPal.

—Donna Tapellini

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  Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7-inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi Apple iPad 2, white, 16GB, Wi-Fi Apple iPhone 4, white, 16GB, AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II, black, 16GB
Amazon Trade-In store $40 $166.65 $120.60 NA
Apple NA 145.00 75.00 NA
Best Buy 32.00 155.00 55.00 $35.00
BuyMyTronics 30.00 157.00 50.00 NA
Gazelle 9.00 120.00 75.00 NA
Glyde (prices after fees)
$68.03 $190.30 85.00 $92.40
NextWorth 35.29 112.00 105.00 34.00
Target (run by NextWorth)
25.32 89.04 44.00 29.00

Highest prices are in bold.

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This story also appeared in the May 2014 issue of ShopSmart magazine.

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