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The 3 Best Research Paper Writing Services in U.S. Were Determined by a Student Survey

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NEW YORK, April 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- More than 20,000 students expressed their attitude toward online student paper writing services. The results of the survey revealed the best companies.

Here is Research Paper Writing Service Based on Student Surveys in April 2021

The questionnaire was conducted April 12-19, 2021, among college and university students in the United States and Europe. In a survey conducted by Halvorson Media Group, students described how often they had to seek help from the best research paper writing services. The poll found that one in three respondents had used online assistants (either for an essay or homework assignment) more than once. About a third of the respondents admitted that they order custom essay writing a little less often.

Approximately 85% of students believe that turning to essay miles is not a scam. But an affordable and legal way to cope with the educational program on time and with the least amount of wasted nerves. The top 3 online services include:

  1. My Admissions Essay.

  2. CheapPaperWriting.

  3. PaperHelp.

To determine the quality of services provided, we asked survey participants to rate the following criteria:

  • paper quality;

  • plagiarism-free content;

  • meeting the deadlines;

  • paperworks price.

These criteria helped students determine the mediocre from the exceptional. For an assignment such as a research paper that needs to be written in very specific ways, you don’t want to use a mediocre service that is guaranteed to give you lower grades.

To summarize the results of the online survey, check out our reviews of the Best Research Paper Writing Services.

1. My Admissions Essay

Having completed over 140,000 projects and having an approval rating close to perfect (4.9/5), the firm shows that it has been consistent with providing high-quality service.

In terms of pricing, the company is quite cheap compared to most others. Starting with a price of $11 for a research paper is something that you will not come across often with many of these writing services. Because of how much effort and time goes into writing an article, it is a good surprise to find this gem amongst the myriad of writing services.

Students appreciate:

  • affordable pricing;

  • friendly customer service team.

Students dislike:

  • absence of samples of their work on the website.

2. CheapPaperWriting

CheapPaperWriting is the best research paper writing service that is trusted by tens of thousands of students who have worked with them over the past years. They have awesome online reviews from these customers and have consistently provided high-quality work.

The pricing begins at around $14 for an essay which is quite affordable already. Add in the free services and their quality of writing, and you won’t need to look for another writing service with this one around.

Students appreciate:

  • you are allowed to choose your own writers;

  • affordable pricing.

Students dislike:

  • absence of customer testimonials on the website.

3. PaperHelp

From the moment that you enter the site, you are greeted with a lot of numbers and figures that are aimed at making you feel at ease about using their service. They place emphasis on the number of orders they have completed (over 600,000), their response time to messages (14 seconds), and their prices (they offer a number of discounts and rewards).

Prices start at around $15 per page of a research paper. This is quite affordable and it comes along with some discounts such as the first-time use discount and even a cashback offer for spending on their site. This is all underlined by their money-back guarantee that they have for all their orders.

There are extra services such as being able to communicate with your assigned writer during the course of the writing period. This way, any adjustments and new changes that you want to add to the article can be discussed while the writer is working on your project.

Students appreciate:

  • a money-back guarantee;

  • good response time to messages sent to them (below 20 seconds).

Students dislike:

  • customer testimonials are not highlighted on the website.

Summing Up

Students also described what most often compels them to turn to the help of paid agencies. Among the reasons were the lack of time to complete tasks, banal dislike for a particular subject, as well as the possibility of checking the text by professional instructors.

When working on something as important as a research paper that involves intensive research and writing, you need to make sure that you hire only the best writers to complete the job. Research papers can sometimes make up a large portion of your assignment points. So, you would face the possibility of losing some of these points with a poorly prepared article.

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