3 fun ways to help your kids learn about money

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Money is a ubiquitous and essential part of our lives. Nevertheless, most young people don’t feel confident in their financial literacy and often aren’t adequately prepared for financial independence.

“We all make financial decisions every day of our lives,” said Richard Martinez, the president of Young Americans Bank. “And those decisions can stick with you for a lifetime if you ruin your credit or develop bad habits.”

In one recent study, conducted by Junior Achievement and AIG in 2018, 69 percent of students between the ages of 13 and 18 said they knew little or nothing about financial planning, and nearly all of them (95%) agreed that a personal finance course would be valuable.

To help satisfy that need, parents can play a critical role. According to another study conducted by Junior Achievement in 2015, 84% of teens look to their parents to learn about money management.

Given the importance of kids actually experiencing financial concepts in the world, instead of simply learning abstract ideas, having an accessible -- and even enjoyable -- strategy in place for teaching them about finances can be critical.

For 3 fun ways to help your kids learn about money, watch the video above.

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