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3 guaranteed tips to save money on summer travel

It’s almost summer which means one thing…vacation!

But before you go ahead and book that trip, check out these three ways to save money on your summer travel.


Did you know that you can rent a camper for just $1 a day?

The site Imoova works with companies that need campers and cars relocated from one city to another, which is where you come in. For just $1 a day, plus a $25 booking fee, you can rent a campervan for a one-way journey. Some of the current routes available are Los Angeles to Denver, Miami to Chicago, and Las Vegas to San Francisco.

Most rentals have a time limit for how long you can keep the car, but you can extend it for an additional fee. As far as insurance is concerned, the vehicles come with reduced damage coverage and you can opt for additional coverage if you like. It’s a great option to take an affordable road trip, and the best part is that most of the routes will give you a $100 fuel credit.


Up next is an app called Skiplagged, which lets you save money through hidden city ticketing.

Let’s say you’re flying direct from New York to Los Angeles and the ticket costs $400. At the same time, there’s also a flight to Seattle with a connection in LA for only $300. It’s a bit controversial (the airlines don’t like it), but why not book the Seattle flight, and just get off in LA? Skiplagged will find these flights for you, so you don’t have to spend hours comparing prices.

As always, there is one hitch. You have to book two one-way trips instead of a round- trip ticket because some airlines will cancel the rest of your reservation if you skip the first leg (or part of the first leg) of your journey.

Hotel Tonight

We know this option might not be a good fit for Type-A super planners, but sometimes it pays to wait until the last minute to book your hotel room.

When hotels have unsold rooms they advertise them on the app Hotel Tonight at a lower rate. All you have to do is download the app and enter the city you’d like the search. Then the app will display hotel options, how much you’re saving and reviews from other customers. Hotel Tonight also lists hotel amenities, check-in times, and information on the surrounding area. So whether you’re looking for a hotel for tonight, tomorrow, or next week, check here first to lock in some amazing deals.

 What apps and sites do you use to save money on travel? Email us at yfmoneymailbag@yahoo.com.