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3 Natural Brands That Will Transform Your Grooming Game

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3 Natural Brands That Will Transform Your Grooming Game

By Megan Gustashaw.

Over the last several years chemical-free personal care brands have really taken off; offering infinitely sexier and more effective products than the health-store buys of yesteryear. They also offer products that, for once, don’t rely on pictures of beards and axes or use caveman language in order to appeal to male consumers. It’s all very refreshing—literally and figuratively. Here’s a look at three brands to know within the natural grooming movement.

Best in Design: Binu Binu

Say goodbye to that fragrant AF bar of Irish Springs in your shower. Binu binu’s bare bones packaging and earthy ingredients like sea salt, volcanic ash, charcoal, and mountain clay make the business of getting clean infinitely simpler—and more stylish.

Launching This Month: Olivina Men

California skincare brand Olivina’s first-ever grooming products are poised to hit shelves at the end of this month. Expect staple buys with simple ingredients like grapeseed extract, bourbon cedar and (you guessed it) olive oil, in stylish apothecary-inspired packaging.

Editor Favorite: Port Products

Founded by the brother and sister team behind grooming site The Motley, Port Products is simple yet effective men’s skincare system that brings technology and nature together. The brand focuses specifically on addressing the ways climate, environment, and stress effect the skin.

This story originally appeared on GQ.com.

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