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3 Reasons Restaurants Should Deep Clean Their Kitchens

Photos that will make customers reconsider eating out.

CLARKSBURG, MD / ACCESSWIRE / February 16, 2017 / Seemingly quite obvious, restaurant's preparation areas should be kept clean. But, besides the everyday cleaning of kitchen equipment and appliances it is necessary to perform deep cleaning of kitchens at least once a year. The below are just one of the many and apparent reasons for considering deep steam cleaning over the common daily scrubbing routine. Most discouraging of a dirty kitchen is what lays under the apparent surface, and that is why every preparation area, floors, walls and even the ceiling require deep cleaning to have a hygienic kitchen.


Restaurant's atmosphere, attention to detail and well-kept facilities are important for customer's first impression. The appearance of restaurant's kitchen can bring in clients as well as scare them away. Moreover, it is also the impression of the health department that might cause a restaurant its business. To pass with a grade A it is important to handle food in hygienic environment, from storage and preparation of food all the way to the customer's plate.


Messy and unorganized look will affect guest's appetite and employee's workflow. Daily mopping sustains a clean floor, but will not scrub deeply enough to keep workers and guests safe. Sticky floor can cause personnel to slip and unwanted objects in a meal may harm the visitor. For a clean floor and concrete surface it is cautious to consider hot water power washing services that eliminate grease, oil, gum and even mold.


While a clean countertop is a good start, it is often the hidden parts of the kitchen that carry an infestation. Many viruses and bacteria spread by hand-to-food from infested surfaces and can cause severe illness or even be fatal. Some of the many bacteria living in a dirty kitchen are –salmonella, clostridium, listeria and of course e-coli. If that is not scary enough, rodents and roaches find a dirty kitchen a perfect place to call home, allowing even more disease to spread.

Photo: Margus Luik deep steam cleaning a commercial kitchen.

To prevent the above instances, it is necessary to perform deep cleaning in any foodservice business. We talked about the cleaning process with CE Kitchen Cleaning North Carolina manager Margus Luik, a company that deep cleans over 300 kitchens a year and guarantees businesses to pass health inspection after using their services. They differentiate from their competitors by offering deep kitchen cleaning with premiere chemicals and steam power wash. To be even more thorough they disassemble equipment, to get to the most far reaching grime. It is a lengthy and thorough process and can take anywhere from one day to ten days to finish, depending on the size of the foodservice area.

Photo: CE Kitchen Cleaning in action.

See below for photos that may make you think twice about eating at a restaurant not serviced properly. Before and after photos provided by Steamcleaning.us North Carolina Raleigh branch.


SOURCE: Calamus Enterprises LLC