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3 things not mentioned at Apple’s event worth noting

Fans are still weighing in on all things Apple after the company’s big keynote event, but it seems the tech giant had a few more tricks up its sleeve.

Applecare Plan Update

Apple updated its AppleCare+ extended warranty plan which will make fixing a cracked screen more tolerable the $129 plan will cover two incidents of accidental damage and charge only $29 to fix a cracked screen not bad considering the old plan had you drop $99 for the same service.

Aluminum black iPhone 7 scratches easily

Apple not only talked up the new iPhone 7 and its sleek aluminum black model but it also warned that its high shine may show “fine micro-abrasions”  so if you are concerned about scratches, you may want to get a case for it.

iPad doubles storage, lowers price

There was no mention at all about the iPad, but looks like the tablets will get an update after all. Standard iPads will double their storage from 16GB to 32GB while staying at the same price of $799.

While the Pro’s higher 128GB will get a $50 price cut from $949 to $899 and the 256GB will be $100 cheaper… from $1,099 to $999.

Source: http://www.theverge.com/2016/9/7/12835682/ipad-storage-doubles-pro-pricing-lowered