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3 Ways to Calm Your Bridal Jitters

SMP Contributor

Having jittery feelings before your wedding is completely normal. As the most exciting and nerve-wracking day of your life approaches, it's easy to get caught up in every emotion under the sun... a dash of anxiety, a sprinkle of nervousness, and loads of excitement! While this is perfectly normal, it can also become a tad annoying after a while. Take care of yourself by following these steps to avoid the bridal jitters!

Winsome & WrightTake a Spa Day

One of the quickest ways to ease those nerves is to have a long relaxing day at the spa getting pampered. When you're at the spa for a while, you have time to relax, reflect, and meditate on the exciting days ahead. Take your sister, mom, and/or BFF with you and schedule a few different activities at the spa so that you have a nice long quiet day of mental health time. You deserve some bride time before the big day.

Sandra Aberg PhotographyKeep the Wedding Week Open

If you procrastinate on some of the wedding items on your to-do list till the week of the wedding, you will quickly become overwhelmed. Instead, make an effort to get everything done before the wedding week so that you have a solid week of mentally preparing for the wedding and just enjoying the last few days as fiancés. With that free time you can go on a date just the two of you, schedule dinners for your families, and relax with your bridesmaids. This will give you time to get even more excited about the wedding, instead of running around being stressed at the last minute.

Ruth EileenGo to Sleep

Everyone needs at least 6-8 hours of sleep each night. Not getting enough sleep each night can mess with your emotions, decision-making, and stress level. Set a bedtime for yourself each night and be intentional about sticking to it. Limit your phone time before bed and try to cut out any distractions. You will wake up refreshed and at peace as your wedding day approaches. We should also take a moment to acknowledge that beauty sleep is a real thing! Don't miss out on those zzz's.

Eric Kelley Photography

Every bride experiences at least some level of pre-wedding jitters. It's perfectly normal but easily avoidable if you are intentional about taking care of yourself.

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