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3 Workday Fitness Strategies

Micky Marie Morrison



As a physical therapist, I have heard every excuse in the book for people not exercising. It’s true that juggling the responsibilities of work and family make it tough to find time to stick to a regular exercise routine.

If you find yourself working long hours at a desk, you are probably feeling the effects of that sedentary lifestyle in all-over aches and pains. Add to that a fast-paced, jam-packed schedule and you are likely a ball of stress believing that you don’t have time to fit in a little fitness. Here are a few ways to work out at work that can make a BIG difference in you you look and feel at the end of a long day.

1. Align Your Spine

Sit with you knees at the height of your hips and be sure you don’t have to shrug your shoulders up toward your ears to reach your keyboard. Sit with your tailbone sticking out slightly behind you to allow your vertebrae to stack naturally in alignment.

2. Take Two Minutes

Out of every hour, set an alarm and stick to it. Stand up and do a vigorous movement for a full minute… It can be jumping jacks, marching or running in place. Then stop and stretch for another minute. Alternate with neck and shoulder stretches one time, leg and hip stretches another.

3. Take the Stairs

Whenever you can, make the choice to walk rather than ride. If it’s 10 floors and that’s too daunting a task, walk the first two or three then take the elevator. You will find it easier and easier over time and will push yourself a little further each time.

Implementing these few changes won’t impede your productivity. In fact, most people report feeling reenergized and mentally rejuvenated after just a week of dedication to the workplace fitness challenge.

Micky Marie Morrison is a licensed physical therapist and a certified perinatal fitness educator, and author of Baby Weight: The Complete Guide to Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness.

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