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34 States Where Private School Costs Less Than Public School

Karen Doyle
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Parents might assume that sending their children to private school is too expensive. But in most states, the average annual private school tuition is actually less than the average amount spent per child in a U.S. public school.

The average amount that a public elementary or secondary school in the United States spends per student is $11,392 as of June 2017, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The national average for annual private school tuition is approximately $10,413, according to Private School Review.

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States Where Private School Is Less Expensive

In 34 states, the average private school cost is less than the average annual per-pupil public school expenditure. Those states, and the average private school tuition in each of those states for the 2017-2018 school year, are:

  • Alaska $6,971
  • Alabama $7,227
  • Arkansas $5,648
  • Arizona $10,962
  • Colorado $11,070
  • Delaware $10,957
  • Florida $8,166
  • Georgia $10,382
  • Iowa $4,815
  • Idaho $6,209
  • Illinois $7,913
  • Indiana $6,661
  • Kansas $8,259
  • Kentucky $6,346
  • Louisiana $6,492
  • Michigan $6,907
  • Minnesota $6,610
  • Missouri $9,531
  • Mississippi $5,440
  • Montana $7,516
  • North Carolina $9,133
  • Nebraska $3,267
  • New Mexico $8,685
  • Nevada $9,663
  • Ohio $6,414
  • Oklahoma $5,344
  • Oregon $8,730
  • South Carolina $6,458
  • Tennessee $9,288
  • Texas $8,922
  • Utah $10,067
  • Washington $10,707
  • Wisconsin $4,391
  • West Virginia $4,746

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School Choice

School choice has been a priority of the Trump administration. It allows public education funds to be used for any type of school — public, private, charter, even home schooling. The money that is allocated to each child from the public school budget essentially follows the child to the type of school the parent selects.

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This doesn’t mean that you’ll save money if you send your child to private school: Public schools are funded by taxes that you would pay regardless of where your child is educated, or whether you have children in school or not. But it raises some interesting issues around the cost to educate a child, and the issue of school choice.

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