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This 36-Year-Old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Is Embracing Her Body With Nude Selfie

Jeff Mazzeo

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Tara Lynn has finally reached her goal of becoming one of the most sought after models and now she is taking time to reflect on all the hard work that got her there.

Lynn is an SI Swimsuit Rookie and she is an American model originally from Tacoma, Washington. She is best known for modeling plus-size lingerie. The 5'9" beauty is represented by IMG Models.

The 36-year-old mother of two celebrated her achievement by sharing an "untouched" nude selfie to show that she is proud of her "mom bod."

"Friends this is my #unretouched* #mombod at 36 years and I’ve never felt as strong and gorgeous and proud of my journey and fitness and discipline as I did on this morning. Who needs bikinis or glam when you can take a stupid mirror selfie like this and know you’re the cleverest fn short chubby old mom model on the planet to look so damn good and even have flown four flights, four days early so you could hydrate, meditate and time-adjust? For the goddamned win."

Her Body Goals

The nude photo was the third part of a story she has been sharing with her thousands of fans. The model chronicled her journey after finding out she had been selected for the honor of being featured in the legendary magazine.

"The Goal: When I found out I was going to shoot @si_swimsuit and had five weeks to prepare, I decided I wanted to be in the best shape of my life. Which for me means strong, visibly muscular, flexible, un-injurred. I’ve been very comfortable in a gym lifting weights alongside the big dudes for about fifteen years now, but I wanted the help of a professional to maximize my gym time and minimize my chances of injury - I have a history of getting excited and greedy and overdoing it. So I went to a trainer new to me, Rock Tate, co-owner of @intrepidmontclair and explained my goals. I wasn’t sure he’d ever trained a woman over 200 pounds whose goals were NOT weight loss, so I was emphatic with Rock about what I wanted: to build as much muscle as humanly possible in 5 weeks, without injury. #strongcurves #loveyourbody."

She Works Out

While preparing for her rookie swimsuit photoshoot, she hit the gym with a personal trainer so she could "bulk up." The model shared a video of herself doing squats and other exercises under the care of her trainer. The mother expressed that the progress was slower than she wished but was obviously happy with the results because she shared a nude photo.

"So muscle gain was the goal, and that’s what I worked tirelessly at until shoot day. My trainer helped me firm up and ever so slightly bulk up. He pushed me hard, and most importantly helped me maneuver the threat of over doing it, adapting exercises to accommodate flare ups of previous injuries while continuing to work target zones. Of course I was impatient, and it was slower going than I wished. And if I'm honest, I'll say I was frequently frustrated that I found myself in a situation where I felt rushed; if my personal ideal is to be strong and visibly muscular, why was the immense audience of @si_swimsuit a more powerful incentive than my own inner desire? I can’t say I feel proud of this aspect of my journey, and it feels important to say so. But I can say I’m still proud of the work itself. It was a month of discipline and incredible effort, and my conveniently selective memory tells me I loved every minute of it. And despite any inner frustration with my process, I loved myself immensely during this time too.