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360 Finance the Only Fintech Company in China to Present at Credit Scoring and Credit Control Conference XVI

SHANGHAI, Sept. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- 360 Finance, Inc. (QFIN) ("360 Finance" or the "Company"), a leading digital consumer finance platform, today announced that it presented at the 16th Credit Scoring and Credit Control conference, which is Europe's premier summit for credit scoring and related topics that is hosted by the Credit Research Centre at the University of Edinburgh Business School. Dr. Yun Shen, Chief Data Scientist of 360 Finance was invited to deliver a keynote speech on August 29 titled "Gradient Boosting Survival Tree with Applications in Credit Scoring."

Dr. Shen's speech, which was adapted from a paper that he co-wrote with Yan Zheng, was selected from more than 140 high-quality submissions to the CSCC this year. Dr. Shen noted that credit scoring plays a vital role in the field of consumer finance in China. Survival analysis provides an advanced solution to credit-scoring by quantifying the probability of survival time. In order to deal with the highly varied data that is collected in the Chinese consumer finance market, 360 Finance uses a nonparametric ensemble tree model called gradient boosting survival tree ("GBST") that uses a variety of proprietary algorithms and testing of consumers' real actions.

Haisheng Wu, Chief Executive Officer of 360 Finance, commented, "We have made significant progress in enhancing our technology and research capabilities this year as well as our data mining and risk modelling. Technology-oriented employees now accounted for approximately 48% of our total workforce which I believe reflects just how critical our cutting-edge IT systems are to our business. As of June 30, 2019, we have submitted 139 patent applications for proprietary financial technologies. Dr. Shen and Mr. Zheng's published paper highlights the continued development and application of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to our credit risk management systems. The GBST model we employ has outperformed existing survival models and is helping us to make better business decisions and predict and control risks at an earlier stage. The application of AI methodology demonstrates our advanced research capabilities and transparent business practices as well as the innovations that is driving growth in China's credit evaluation and risk management sector."

About 360 Finance

360 Finance, Inc. (QFIN) ("360 Finance" or the "Company") is a leading digital consumer finance platform and the finance partner of the 360 Group. The Company provides tailored online consumer finance products to prime, underserved borrowers funded primarily by its funding partners. The Company's proprietary technology platform enables a unique user experience supported by resolute risk management. When coupled with its partnership with 360 Group, the Company's technology translates to a meaningful borrower acquisition, borrower retention and funding advantage, supporting the rapid growth and scaling of its business.

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