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360 Vodka Is Officially The Vodka Of Champions

Three Sports Partnerships, Three World Championships

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Feb. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As Kansas City celebrates a moment fifty years in the making, 360 Vodka is overjoyed to raise a glass to its partner, the Kansas City Chiefs, for their remarkable season and historic Super Bowl championship.

360 Vodka is a proud partner of the Kansas City Chiefs.

In a postseason run that gave us dazzling plays and spectacular come-from-behind victories, the Chiefs' electrifying display of tenacity and talent has established them as a team for the ages, leaving no doubt that they will be a force for many seasons to come.

This is the third time in five years that Missouri-based 360 Vodka has partnered with a professional sports team that went on to win a world championship shortly thereafter.

The brand signed a deal with the Kansas City Royals in 2014, and one year later the team won its first World Series championship in 30 years.

360 Vodka then signed a deal with the St. Louis Blues in 2017, and in 2019 the team brought home the first Stanley Cup in the team's 52-year history.

And earlier this season, 360 Vodka announced a landmark partnership with the Chiefs, the first of its kind in the league. Celebrating the team's first Super Bowl championship in 50 years makes for a stunning title trifecta for the brand.

It's been said that once is a fluke, twice is coincidence, but three times is a pattern. While taking nothing away from each team's brilliant championship season, a pattern is emerging of a brand that may just be a lucky charm for the teams with which it partners. Several other professional teams have reached out to the company about partnerships, but for now 360 Vodka is proud to have provided the home-state mojo for all three of Missouri's professional sports franchises.

360 Vodka is a premium brand of McCormick Distilling Co., the oldest business in the Kansas City area. The company first celebrated the Chiefs during the team's last championship season, releasing a Kansas City Chiefs commemorative bourbon decanter back in 1969. "Like everyone else in this town, we are big fans of the Chiefs," said Mick Harris, President, McCormick Distilling Co. "We were with them then, and we are with them now. It's an honor to be their partner."

360 Vodka will release a World Championship Chiefs bottle to commemorate this unforgettable championship season. It is expected to hit shelves just in time for training camp in July and will be available throughout Chiefs Kingdom with retail placements in Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska.

360 Vodka – 40% alcohol by volume – Distilled from Grain – Earth Friendly Distilling Co., Weston, MO

Congratulations to the World Champion Kansas City Chiefs!
For the third time in five years, 360 Vodka celebrates a partner's World Championship.
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