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From 3D Bioprinting to Aquaculture, Meet the Companies Coming Together to Reimagine the Future of Work


Three leading multinational organizations collaborate with Unreasonable Group to launch Unreasonable FUTURE, aligning the promise of leading edge technologies with the future of work and social equity

Today, Fossil Foundation, Pearson, Accenture (ACN), and Unreasonable Group launch the first Unreasonable FUTURE program. Unreasonable FUTURE is a bold, multi-year initiative that will bring together growth-stage ventures with investors, policy makers, serial entrepreneurs, executives, and thought leaders to ensure the future of work is inclusive. This one-of-a-kind collaboration will allow for a robust multi-stakeholder approach, across multiple industries and geographies, to build a future of work where Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation, and machine learning work alongside humans to maximize potential.

“Unreasonable FUTURE is bringing together a hand-selected portfolio of entrepreneurs to make sure the future workplace benefits everyone,” Daniel Epstein, founder and CEO of Unreasonable Group said. “This initiative proactively addresses the unintended consequences of AI, machine learning, up-skilling and the entire digital transformation that is emerging. We’re proud to collaborate with Fossil Foundation, Pearson, and Accenture to solve these grand challenges, while scaling the companies that are best positioned to shape a more inclusive future for all.”

Participation in this program will enable the 15 ventures to help future generations thrive in the new economy. Approximately half the portfolio is comprised of companies using advanced technologies that are reshaping the jobs of tomorrow. The other half of the portfolio is focused on innovative platforms that support the future of learning, new-skilling, and education to ensure everyone is prepared to step into these jobs. By joining forces, these ventures, along with support from other program participants, are dedicating themselves to co-designing workplaces that leave no one behind.

A few of the ventures include:

  • Aspect Biosystems, a company that creates functional human tissues on demand via 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering;
  • Kalibrr, a recruitment company that leverages AI to create Southeast Asia's fastest growing talent platform, connecting more than 2.1 million young professionals to thousands of opportunities to date;
  • Xpertsea, a company transforming how the global aquaculture industry farms seafood by combining AI, computer vision, and machine learning.

A full list of ventures can be found here.

A few of the mentors include:

  • Hunter Lovins, TIME Magazine “Hero of the Planet” and President of Natural Capitalism Solutions;
  • Chris Yeh, Investor, Serial Entrepreneur and Partner of Wasabi Ventures;
  • Vinicius Pinheiro, ILO Special Representative to the United Nations.
  • Senior leaders from across Fossil Group, Pearson, and Accenture

A full list of the mentors and specialists can be found here.

The first Unreasonable FUTURE program will take place from March 27 - April 7, at a private venue outside of San Jose, California. Additional details about the program can be found on the website. If you would like to attend the event or get in contact with any of the co-founders, ventures, or mentors, please contact Brittany Lane, brittany@unreasonablegroup.com.

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