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4 Of The Best Banking Reward Programs

Alexis Raskin

When choosing a new bank to commit to, there are several factors to consider. Before settling with any bank, evaluate what you want from the rewards from your bank.

Don’t just look at the big bonuses without researching all aspects of each deal. The rewards vary from bank to bank, so keep reading to find the ideal rewards system for your banking.

Citibank Rewards - Citi ThankYou

Through Citi's (NYSE: C) rewards system, members can earn points for making purchases on their credit card. Each dollar spent is equivalent to at least one point, oftentimes more for different categories. Points can also be gained from banking with a Citibank checking account or linking services to said account. After accumulating enough points, they can be pooled together for a variety of rewards, including travel rewards, gift cards and cash prizes. Additionally, points can be used to donate to charity or to reduce your credit card balance.

To be a part of the ThankYou Rewards, a member must have a Citi credit card or be a primary signer on a checking account. This is a global program, however many rewards are often only available in the United States.

Zions Bank - Pays for A’s

Pays for A’s is a program through Zions (NASDAQ: ZION), and is great for your first checking account.

This program is targeted for students in middle and high school, from ages 12 to 18. The program encourages higher education, offering a money deposit for each “A” on your report card! Students should bring their most recent report card and a legal guardian to any Zion Bank branch. The great thing about this program is it doesn’t require participants to be a member of the bank. If the student does have a savings account with Zion, the bank will deposit $1 per “A”, and 50 cents per “A” if the student is not a Zion bank client.

This is a fantastic rewards program, with or without a bank.

Wells Fargo - Go Far Rewards

Wells Fargo’s (NYSE: WFC) Go Far Rewards offers $200 rewards bonus in cash for users who spent at least $1000 in net purchases within the first three months of opening the account. This encourages user spending in selected retail stores, and allows users to pick a prize from merchandise, gift cards digital downloads and travel rewards. This card also has no annual fee and zero percent APR on purchases.

MoneyLion – Cashback Rewards

MoneyLion has a series of rewards system that will help praise your financial habits.

It offers cash back, allowing users to get $1 every day just by logging into the MoneyLion app. This is exclusive to Plus members, but any membership through the app can take advantage of Cashback Rewards. Under Local Offers in the app, tap SEE ALL and search by keyword before going out to eat. If you’re looking for “Chinese Food,” search it to see which restaurants will give you points for every dollar you spend. These points can be redeemed later for gift cards.

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