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The 4 Best Movies Netflix Adds This Week

Todd Van Luling

For the week of March 12, Netflix is adding four noteworthy movies, three of which are Netflix Originals.

This is not the service’s strongest week for new movies, but there’s at least one in the list below that I’m personally excited to watch. (I’ll just let you guess which one.) 

The new offerings are a mix of genres, with a comedy, a documentary, a kids movie and whatever category the “Jackass” franchise is in.

Check out your options this week in the list below:

(Jackass 35)
(Ji Sub Jeong/HP)

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Joins Netflix: March 15, 2018

(Jackass 3.5)

Runtime: 1 hour, 24 minutes

Joins Netflix: March 16, 2018


Joins Netflix: March 16, 2018


Joins Netflix: March 16, 2018

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