4 emotional errors to avoid when selling a home

Real Estate » 4 Emotional Mistakes Made By Home Sellers

Keep emotion out of selling a home

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4 emotional mistakes made by home sellers
4 emotional mistakes made by home sellers

The greatest hindrance to the sale of a home can be a seller who is seized by emotion.

"It is very important for sellers to (keep) in mind that a real estate transaction is most likely the single largest financial transaction they will ever undertake," says Fiona Dogan, a realtor in the Rye, N.Y., office of Julia B. Fee Sotheby's International Realty. "It should be viewed and handled primarily as a business transaction, with cold, hard decisions being made on a financial and investment basis."

Home sellers who allow emotions and sentimental attachments to overtake them during the sales process run the risk of making hasty, sometimes poor decisions, Dogan says.

Here are some tips to help any home seller avoid making emotional mistakes that could cost money.

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