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4 Free Apps That Will Save You Time and Money

Marc Karasu



Whether you’re a top-level executive, a stay-at-home parent, a student on a budget, or someone whose just starting out in the workforce, you probably all have one thing in common: You like to save time and money.

After all, who doesn’t like to get the best money-saving deals out there and get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible? Check out these top free apps that were designed to help make your life easier.

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Venmo (iPhone, Android)

Venmo makes it easy to pay friends and family for anything. You can use it when it’s time to split the check at dinner, when it’s time to split the cable bill or pay a friend for anything else. There is a 3 percent fee to send money using a credit card, but the fee is completely waived if you pay with your Venmo balance, bank transfer or debit card. Receiving money, on the other hand, is always free.

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Manilla (iPhone, Android, Web at Manilla.com)

Manilla is the leading, free and secure service that helps consumers simplify and organize their daily lives by managing everything in one place. Using just one password, customers can manage their finances, utilities, daily deals, travel and rewards, magazine and Netflix subscriptions, OpenTable reservations, and more — all through Manilla.com or the top-rated iOS and Android mobile apps. Manilla sends automatic text and email reminders when your bills are due, which means you never waste money on late fees. You also get free and unlimited account document storage, so you can access your bills and statements whenever you need them. 

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RedLaser (iPhone, Windows Phone, Android)

Owned by eBay, RedLaser saves you time and money by helping you shop smarter and faster. The app will scan for local prices based on where you are, so you can see which stores near you are offering the best deal on your favorite products. You can also make purchases right from your phone, so if there’s a product at a nearby store you want to buy, you can pay for it with the app and the store will have it waiting for you at the counter. RedLaser helps save you money by allowing you to easily scan a barcode of a product and then compare prices between online and offline retailers.

FastCustomer (iPhone, Android, Chrome)

FastCustomer is one of the best time-saving apps because it prevents you from having to waste time on hold with a customer service representative. All you have to do is text FastCustomer the name of the company you need to speak with or search for the company in the directory of more than 3,000 companies. Then, FastCustomer will call the company, wait on hold, and call you when the customer representative is finally available.

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