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Four in five Brits haven't had a pay rise in a year, survey reveals

A third of Brits say they are being underpaid, according to a survey. Photo: Getty

Four in five Brits have not had a pay rise in over a year, according to new research.

A survey of 1,200 UK professionals by job board CV-Library found just 20% of Brits have received a raise in the past 12 months – and three quarters have not had a formal pay review review meeting.

Over half (54%) of Brits also said they find it awkward to discuss their salary with their boss.

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But of the quarter of Brits who were granted a pay review meeting, the majority (82%) received a raise – compared with just 14% of those who didn’t get a meeting, the survey found.

In addition to this, three quarters of employees said they believe they are underpaid. Worse still, over half (52%) of Brits think their employer actively avoids the topic of pay altogether.

Interestingly, Sheffield topped the list of locations where workers were least likely to be offered a formal pay review meeting, with just 14% having had one in the past year.

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However, Liverpool and Newcastle came in a close joint second, at just 20%.

Bristol (22%), Birmingham (23%), Manchester and Cardiff (27%), London (25%), Edinburgh (28%) and Glasgow (30%) also made the list.

Lee Biggins, CEO and founder of CV-Library, said: “Pay is a huge motivator for employees. It is alarming to see so few Brits have been offered a formal pay review meeting in the past year.

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“To keep on track with inflation, workers are entitled to a pay rise if they have met their targets and are performing well in the role.

“If you believe your efforts aren’t being recognised and you deserve an increase in your wage, it’s time to broach the subject with your employer.”