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4 Reasons Your Bridesmaids Will Love This New Dress Collection

Dawn Strong

We know and love Brideside as that awesome boutique that changed the way we do bridesmaid dress shopping. (It's online, you guys.) So when they announced they would be launching their very own collection of gorgeous gowns, you know we couldn't wait to check out the goods. The result? 28 seriously stunning creations in 24 beautiful colors, all designed with your besties in mind. Here's four reasons why you're going to love them all.


You know what they say: no two maids are alike. So when it comes to choosing the perfect gowns for your bridal party, let's be honest... it's so much easier when you can mix and match your hearts out. Brideside totally gets that, and their new collection pretty much nails it with a curated line of flattering designs that will translate well to any size, shape or body type. Plus, those colors. Which means your entire bridal party will look and feel awesome (!) and your sisters can skip that strapless or no strapless debate. (Been there, done that.)


From the very beginning, Brideside’s new collection was designed with your BFFs in mind. And the all-woman team at Brideside? Well, they embraced that inspiration and ran with it. Together, they celebrated female friendships by naming these gorgeous gowns after the world's most famous besties. We adore that these dresses are a true representation of those lifelong friendships that every bridal party represents - and they also make your truest friends feel beautiful on your big day. So much love for that.


If we're being honest, shopping for bridesmaid gowns can be stressful, especially when it comes to narrowing down that dreaded price-point. Whether you're buying gowns for your entire bridal party or your ladies are picking up their own tab, every dress in this new Brideside collection is ultra budget-friendly, so you can breathe easy that these gorgeous creations won't break the bank. I mean, the talented team at Brideside has styled thousands of bridal parties, so they know what it takes to make them happy: beautiful gowns that all cost $175 or less. Awesome, no?


We all know that signing up to be a bridesmaid isn't just about that walk down the aisle - it's late-night chat sessions, dress fittings and last-minute nail polish runs. Which is why gifting your besties with a little thank you is beyond important. And guess what? When Brideside announced their amazing new collection of gowns, they threw in a little something special: gifts for your maids. They're curated, ready-to-gift boxes that are designed for everyone from the Jetsetter to the Dreamer in your life. Amazing, y'all.

Ready to find those dream gowns for your maids, plus super cool gifts, all while staying under budget? Head to Brideside today to check out their awesome try-at-home program, gorgeous gowns and chat with a style consultant. You're going to love the simple process, price points and fab customer service. They have it all.