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4 Things You’re Paying Too Much For

Maitland Greer
Brand X Pictures

Brand X Pictures


Take a look at these four huge things you are probably spending too much money, and figure out ways to reduce how much you spend.

1. Your new car

The most important thing about buying a new car is knowing the market and negotiating. Do your research before you buy a car and comparison shop prices at dealers and online. Once you hone into where and what you are going to buy, negotiate however possible by asking for price reductions, free add-ons, offering a trade-in and using dealers offers against each other.

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2. Your kitchen renovation

A kitchen remodel can be both exciting and overwhelming. Like most people, if you aren’t a renovation expert, you are at the mercy of your contractor. Don’t fear — You can still do some things yourself like painting and clean up to save money. If possible, try not to move plumbing, gas lines and major light sources that will rack up extra time and charges. Appliances are an easy way to save money, look for big sales and comparison shop online. 

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3. Your vacation

Start off your trip on the right savings foot by selecting a destination in its off-season like a major Northern U.S. city in the winter or a tropical island in May. Utilize aggregator sites like Kayak.com to comparison shop airline fares, car rentals and hotel rates. Based on their more than a billion searches in 2012, Kayak.com suggestion booking your flight for domestic travel 21 to 25 days before departure and within three months for international travel. 

4. Your education

Your education is one of the most expensive things you will have to pay for in your lifetime. Look into college savings plans like Upromise by Sallie Mae to get yourself or child on the right track. Also, be sure you maximize your opportunities to apply for scholarships to pay as little as you can out of pocket. Borrow books and sell back your used textbooks, get a part-time job and take advantage of the countless student discounts on things like Apple products, clothing stores Ann Taylor and J. Crew and even Amtrak tickets.

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