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4 Tools That Will Streamline Your Finances

Marc Karasu



Looking to simplify the way you manage your money and improve your overall financial plan? Check out these top-rated, easy-to-use financial tools that will give your financial management strategy the boost in efficiency you’re after.

Lemon Wallet – iPhone, Android, Windows Phone

The ever-popular digital wallet, Lemon Wallet allows you to manage all of your important cards directly on your smartphone in the unfortunate event that your wallet is lost or stolen. You can add any type of card — your ID, insurance, loyalty cards, credit and bank cards, and more. To add them, you just snap a picture of each side of the card and Lemon auto-uploads them to the app. You can even store copies of receipts digitally so you have records of them 24/7.

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Manilla.com – Web, iPhone, Android

Manilla.com is the leading, free and secure service that helps you simplify and organize your daily life. When it comes to financial planning and overall life management, Manilla is the best tool for managing everything in one place with one-password access. With Manilla’s Auto Login feature, you can access all types of accounts, such as your finances, utilities, daily deals, travel and rewards accounts, subscriptions, and more — all through Manilla.com or the top-rated iOS and Android mobile apps. Manilla offers unlimited account document storage forever, for free, which means you have access to your financial and household bills and statements whenever you need them. Plus, you get automatic email and text reminders when your bills are almost due, which means you’ll never pay a late fee again.

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Income Calculator – iPhone

Though its features and functionality are minimal, Income Calculator has all the allows you to discover how much money you make over all different periods of time. The benefit of this is being able to automatically see how a salary adjustment or tax increase or decrease will affect your weekly and monthly income. Income Calculator is a useful tool for everyone interested in seeing their income broken down by the hour, but it’s especially a must-have for people who are sitting down to financially plan for the first or second time.

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Spending Tracker – iPhone, iPad

Spending Tracker allows you to easily track how much money you’re spending by the week, month or year. You can set up a fixed budget to help guide you to meet your spending targets, and then any remaining amount is carried over into the next period’s budget. Once you’ve logged your expenses and income, you can sort by date, name or amount. Spending Tracker even provides organized and detailed interactive charts and reports so you have an easy-to-access overview of where your money is going.

Marc Karasu is the VP of marketing and money-saving expert at Manilla.com, the award-winning, free and secure service that lets consumers manage all of their bills, finances and other personal accounts in one place online and on mobile.

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