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4 Ways to Earn Money at Home

Maitland Greer



Let’s face it: We could all use some more money. Every time I go to pay my bills or check my account balances, I think about how nice it would be to have a little extra cash to make ends meet, put into savings or use for a splurge. Making money from home is great way to supplement your 9-to-5 income or provide flexibility outside of a traditional workplace. To get started, check out these ideas and start earning extra income today.

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1. Utilize your skills and interests.

Before you start applying to jobs, access what you are interested in doing and what your goals are. Many telecommuting jobs require unique skill sets, like writing, typing, coding, software engineering and nursing. You can also put your knowledge to work and find tutoring or translation positions. If you have more of a general background, look into jobs as a customer service representative or home based agent.

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2. Hit the job boards.

The obvious place to start looking for a work from home opportunity is on job boards. Websites like LinkedIn, Monster.com and SimplyHired.com aggregate job opportunities from every type of industry. The key to finding the work from home diamond in the rough is to know what key terms to search. Try searching telecommute, freelance and work from home to see what jobs are posted that you are qualified for. Also, look into well-known companies like airlines, 1-800-Flowers and Apple, consulting firms, AT&T and others that may offer work-from-home positions.

3. Avoid scams.

There are a lot of work-from-home scams out there, so be weary of something that sounds to good to be true and promises huge payments for minimal work. Scammers post fake jobs as a way to access your personal information or ask for personal details for fake direct deposits. Check out the company before you hand over any personal information and cross-reference jobs to ensure they were cross listed on the company’s website.

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4. Be an entrepreneur.

You don’t have to be hired by someone to make money. Are you crafty or artistic? Set up an Etsy store and sell your wares online. Clean out your closet and sell your spare accessories and clothing on eBay or an online consignment shop. You can also try to line up dog walking or babysitting jobs that will bring in extra cash.

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