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43 Photos Of Adopted Siblings That Show Family Is About Love, Not DNA

Many adoptive parents find that people sometimes ask if their children are “real” siblings. The answer is, of course, yes. 

In honor of National Adoption Month, we asked the HuffPost Parents Facebook community to share photos of their adopted children that show the sibling bond is about love, not DNA.

Here are 43 beautiful, love-filled photos. 

"Sister love!"
"My kids don't need a prefix, they are not my 'adopted' children, they are my children. The siblings are not a random happenstance, they are handpicked and pre-destined by God. How awesome is this privilege! That's the beauty of an adoptive family. Hope to do our bit for Adoption Awareness Month, right here from Singapore!"
"Our 10-year-old son, Alexander, joined our family in February 2009 from Guatemala at 22 months. Our daughter, Annika, was born six months later in August 2009. They are best friends and do everything together."
"My middle and youngest are adopted from China. Because they’re only six weeks apart, I get asked if they’re twins all the time. When I tell people the age difference, the next question is always, 'Are they brothers?' The answer is yes. Not biologically, but in every sense of the word, yes."
"Yep ... ALL of these goofballs are siblings."
"Every picture I have they are hugging or touching in some way. These two were meant to be together."
"Both of our kids were adopted as infants so there's no biological connection, but they certainly love and fight each other as much as any other sibling pair!"
"My 10-year-old and 3-year-old daughters."
"My daughter has been home two weeks. My son has been waiting for her to come home for two years. Today he grabbed her hand and yelled, 'Stop!' when we got to a street. He looked both ways and then began guiding her across safely. He told her he had to look for cars so that he could keep her safe because he loved her so much."
"This is my loud, loving family! Tess and Riley are only six months apart in age and regularly refer to themselves as twins."
"Best big brother ever and best little brother ever."
"We have three children. None genetically mine. One my husband had from his first marriage, one we adopted as a teen from foster care, and one we adopted privately from a teenage foster child. They are all 'our children' and they are all 'real siblings.' Families are made with love and trust and hard work, not just DNA."
"My husband and I took permanent custody of two babies with special needs (bio sibs) in June 2015. We had three weeks to prepare to add to our gaggle of girls. We went from having three daughters to having four daughters and one son. As far as they are all concerned, they are brother and sisters, and we tend to forget who aren't our biological children."
"My son was adopted when he was three... and I will never forget the day he and my bio daughter met. He looked at her, she grabbed his hand, and off they went to play. They never looked back. I feel like their love is stronger because they know they chose to love each other."
"One adopted, two biological. They know nothing else."
"My boys -- both adopted as babies."
"Elena is just over 9 months older than Jovi so we get lots of looks and questions when people realize how close they are in age. We adopted both from the foster care system in Connecticut."
"Family is family, and in our house, half, whole and adopted doesn't work -- it is just family."
"Austin and Ryleigh -- 'real brother and sister' since 2006!"
"My babies, not by blood, but by love!"
"Happy sisters."
"My 40-year-old daughter, my 26-year-old son and my 17-year-old adopted daughter."
"Here is my favorite photo of two of my children."
"Love my girls!"
"My girls."
"The only picture I have of almost [all] (missing one) of us together! Four biological and five adopted. One big, crazy, loving family."

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