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4Patriots Donates State-of-the-Art Water Purification Systems to Flint, Mich., Daycare Centers

In an effort to provide clean drinking water to the children of Flint, Mich., and those who care for them, 4Patriots is donating five of its Alexapure Pro water filtration systems to daycare centers in the city

NASHVILLE, TN / ACCESSWIRE / February 5, 2016 / 4Patriots officials announced today the donation of five state-of-the-art Alexapure Pro water purification systems to daycare centers in Flint, Mich., that have been hit particularly hard with a serious water contamination issue.

"Our hearts go out to the children and adults who have been drinking lead-tainted water in Flint," said Allen Baler, Partner at 4Patriots LLC. "As this situation has unfolded, it's been excruciating to watch, and we wanted to relieve the stress and the physical impact of having a neurotoxin in one's tap water. We want to do our part to help protect the children of Flint and those who watch over them through these donations."

"Realizing that children had the most to lose, we selected areas of Flint that have been most affected and centers that are considered the most in-need. The Alexapure Pro removes up to 99.99 percent of contaminants, including heavy metals like the lead that has been found in Flint's water supply."

The water contamination problem is so severe in Flint that President Obama recently signed an emergency order that clears the way for federal aid to the city.

And now the same thing appears to be happening in Sebring, Ohio, where high levels of lead have been discovered in some homes, schools were closed and children were being tested for lead poisoning. Residents are questioning how long it's been going on and why they weren't notified earlier.

"While we would love to see the Alexpure Pro in every home with young children, we felt we could make the biggest impact by providing free filters to centers that serve large numbers of children, especially those children whose parents might not be able to afford bottled water at home," Baler said.

The Alexapure Pro is a revolutionary tabletop purification product capable of transforming contaminated water from virtually any source into clean, safe, delicious water. Drinking contaminated water, regardless of the source, can cause serious illness and even death.

With a 2.3 gallon-per-hour flow rate, the Alexapure Pro purifies water about three times faster than any of its competitors. Users will be able to access up to 5,000 gallons of fresh, clean water from it before the filter needs to be replaced. Priced at $197, that comes out to approximately 4 cents per gallon. Bottled water, usually originating from unknown sources, costs considerably more.

No gas, electricity or water pressure is needed to operate the Alexapure Pro. It removes contaminants such as those found in Flint's water using only gravity, producing the most essential item to have now and during an emergency: clean, crystal-clear water.

"Water contamination is an issue that is starting to come to a head in this country, and I suspect that this problem is much more widespread than what we've been led to believe," Baler said. "Many city governments don't have enough funds to fully protect their residents, so those citizens need to protect themselves. I know that I'm left wondering what's in my own tap water."

"Lead is a neurotoxin, a poison and a very dangerous problem, especially for children. According to the World Health Organization, years later it can result in learning disabilities, shortening of attention spans and anti-social behavior. It is essential that everything possible be done to rid Flint water of this dangerous contaminant, and we at 4Patriots want to be part of the solution."

In addition to complimentary shipping, those who purchase the Alexapure Pro water filtration system also receive a credit card-sized steel survival tool featuring 11 different functions, as well as a hardcopy book, "The Water Survival Guide."

They are also able to acquire the Alexapure Go Bottle (priced at $47), which features the same advanced engineering of the Alexapure Pro and which can filter 300 gallons of water, can be stored in a backpack or bug-out bag, and is ideal for camping, hiking, biking or any other outdoor activities.

Also available from Water4Patriots is the Survival Spring ($24.95), a nine-inch long, two-ounce straw made of BPA-free, food-grade materials that can filter up to 300 gallons of water and can easily be carried anywhere.

Water4Patriots provides products that help people eliminate contaminants from their drinking water, including the Alexapure Pro tabletop water purifier, the Alexapure Pro Go Bottle and the Survival Spring straw. Each product purifies contaminated water from virtually any source into clean, safe, delicious water.

For more information about us, please visit http://www.water4patriots.com

Contact Info:

Name: Tim Boyle
Email: timm.boyle@4patriots.com
Organization: 4Patriots LLC

SOURCE: 4Patriots LLC