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5 Awkward Wedding Questions - Answered!

SMP Contributor

When you're planning the event of a lifetime, it's totally understandable if your mind is racing with questions you don't know the answers to. You're not expected to know everything about planning a wedding if you've never done it before. Some of the Qs, however, may not have a clean and clear answer. Check out a few taboo questions below and how you should handle asking and answering them.

"Jake and Susie invited us to their wedding, do they have to come to ours?"

If you haven't seen or spoken to Jake and Susie since their wedding three years ago, it's OK to cut them from the guest list. More guests = more money you have to dish out, and you have to make cuts somewhere. Ask yourself if you'd be upset if the guests in question didn't attend. If you both aren't very affected by it, perhaps you should take them off the list. Just because you went to their wedding many years ago doesn't guarantee them an automatic invite. Relationships change over time and that's OK.

"My nephew wants to bring his girlfriend to the wedding, how do I tell him no?"

Make sure you are very clear on the invitation that if the guest invited is NOT getting a plus one. Be sure just to put their name on the envelope, invitation inside and reply card. If they still don't get the hint, let them know that due to space and budgetary constraints you had to make cuts to the guest list. Bringing up outside factors helps make things less awkward and takes the blame off of you.

"My mother-in-law really wants me to wear her necklace on the wedding day, but it's NOT cute, how do I tell her no?"

When your MIL makes a gesture like this, it's likely because she is trying to feel involved and helpful. Politely thank her and tell her you already had some jewelry in mind to wear but you'd love if she'd help out with XYZ. Giving her a project will let her know that you appreciate her involvement, and it will get you off the hook for donning her not-so-trendy necklace.

"We're starting to reach our budget but haven't finalized everything, how can I ask my parents for financial help?"

Sit down with your parents and show them your initial budget so far. Let them know that you underestimated specific costs of things that are absolutely essential (like the cost of the venue or catering.) Have a mature conversation with them and explain your concerns and they can either help you re-allocate in certain areas or maybe they'll surprise you with a last-minute cushion. Being open and honest will help keep the line of communication a positive and friendly one.

"I really want to have my bachelor/bachelorette party in Mexico, but I'm afraid not everyone will be able to afford it. What should I do?"

This may sound unhelpful, but it's really up to you. If you've always dreamed of a bachelor/bachelorette party lounging by the pool sipping margaritas in Mexico, maybe reach out to your wedding party first and see how they'd feel about it. If you sense some hesitation in the group, you have a few options. You can do your destination party and then throw a smaller night out for those who can't come. Or, if you really want everyone there, try to replicate the idea on a smaller budget. Maybe you head to Atlantic City for the weekend or rent a beach house. While it may not live up to your wildest fantasy, at least all of your friends will be together to celebrate.

What are your awkward wedding questions? Ask us below!

Style Me Pretty Contributor – Sarah Title is a travel & wedding writer and editor living in Washington D.C. She also works part-time at a bridal salon in Georgetown helping women find the perfect dress. When she isn't working, you can find her at the closest oyster bar enjoying a glass of rose or catching up on the latest celebrity gossip.