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5 Best Online Psychic Readings: 100% Free Psychic Chat Sites Reviewed in New Report by PsychicInsights

·10 min read

San Diego, California, Jan. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PsychicInsights.org announces the release of the report, “Best Psychic Readings on Video, Chat and Phone”:

It's hard to put your money down on a psychic service before you’ve had a chance to test them out. But then, finding a legit free psychic reading seems too good to be true. In some situations, this is true, yet many reputable sites will provide you with one free reading or introductory offers so you can try their service at a discounted rate.

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But with so many psychic sites to choose from, knowing where to look can feel like a lot of hard work. Luckily, this article solves this dilemma and has put together all the information needed to find a free psychic reading online by either phone, video or chat.

Free Readings with a Live Person

If you're looking for a live reading performed by a psychic, then this is the best place to start. Some great sites to visit are:

Kasamba - Free Three Minutes with Any Psychic Advisor

Kasamba offers the first three minutes with your chosen psychic for free. This gives you time to find the right psychic for you based on your question.

You will have to pay if you wish to continue with the reading. But there are no limits on how many advisors you can do this with. Kasamba lets users claim their three free minutes with as many psychics as they want. They also have a good chat platform that helps you to communicate with your advisor. Read the full Kasamba Review here.

AskNow - Five Minutes Free with any 30-Minute Session

AskNow offers up to five free minutes once you make a purchase of 30 minutes for $30. This platform, once set up, will connect you to a live advisor either through a call or live chat. You can easily search through the site to see what psychics are available for free readings to find what interests you.

They offer a call and chat service, so you need to specifically click on the chat button on their profile to get started. Read the full AskNow Review here.

Psychic Source - Free Three Minutes on the First Reading

This is another site that offers three minutes for free on the very first reading. If you continue on after that time, you will be charged $1 for each additional minute. You can communicate via texting, online chat, or you can have the psychic call you at the scheduled appointment.

To do the chat reading, you just need to use the online interface, which ends up being like texting. You can then get the transcript when it is all done. Read the full Psychic Review here.

Keen - A 10-Minute Reading for $1.99

There are two options new users can pick here. You can sign up for three minutes for free, or you can get your first 10-minute reading done for only $1.99. The one you go with will depend on how much time you want to spend talking on the phone.

They provide instant messaging so you can have a discussion with your advisor without needing to download anything. You can just go onto the profile of who you want to use and click on the "Chat Now" button. Read the full Keen Review here.

Oranum - Free Credits Upon Signing Up

Oranum is a little bit different and works on a credit-based system. They offer up to 9.99 in free credits, which is either 10, 5, or 3 minutes based on what psychic you choose. Unlike other sites, Oranum psychics are also available through video chat. Read the full Oranum Review here.

Free Psychic Readings Through Email

Unfortunately, most psychic sites do not provide free readings via email. Instead, they offer introductory rates to new users or free chat readings. Find out what the best sites offer regarding email/chat readings below:

Kasamba - Free Three Minutes on Live Chat

This site will not offer you a free reading through email, but as mentioned above, you can enjoy three minutes for free through their chat feature. You can choose an advisor, have an offline session so you can agree on a fee, and ask your question. You will then get an answer within one day.

Keen - Free Chat Available to Set Up Appointments

Keen is set up to let you communicate with the advisors both through unpaid and paid methods. Unpaid messages are best for setting up the appointment, and then you need to pay for the readings themselves. You will need to give them a credit card ahead of time or pay to look at the email when it gets to you.

Psychic Oz - An Email Reading for Only $4.49

This site will make sure you get three free minutes when you purchase one of their value packages. This offer makes it easy to get your email question answered for just $4.99. Read the full Psychic Oz Review here.

Psychic-contact.com - 10-Minutes Free with a 25-Minute Package

If you purchase a live chat package through them that is at least 25 minutes, they will give you an additional ten free bonus minutes. Most email readings will have a fixed price, though, as that offer is for the live chat.

Psychic Light - Three Questions Answered within 72 Hours

Like some of the other sites, you can get free minutes for the live reading packages, but not with the email readings. These readings are set at 39.95 GBP for up to three questions answered within 72 hours.

Free Psychic Readings by Phone

With many platforms offering free minutes upon signing up, it's much easier to claim a free psychic reading by phone than it is via email. Check out the top sites below offering free psychic readings via phone.

AskNow - Free 5-Minute Reading

You can use AskNow to get a free five-minute reading, which is long enough to ask one question. They will need your credit card details before you start, so if you go over that time limit, you will be charged. However, five minutes is usually plenty of time for a quick reading.

Kasamba - Free Minutes Via Chat

This site will not offer a free reading over the phone. However, as mentioned above, they will offer you three minutes free on chat so you can find an advisor and then pay to connect on the phone.

California Psychics - Introductory Offer Available

This site has an introductory offer that saves you money, though they do not hand out free minutes. However, their prices work well if you're looking for a longer call. You can make an appointment or get placed on a waiting list to be called as soon as possible. Read the full California Psychics Review here.

LifeReader - 50% Off with Four Minutes Free

On LifeReader, you can get 50% off along with four minutes free on chat. Or you can get 50% off and then $0.19 a minute. You just need to register your phone number and find the advisor you want to work with.

Free Psychic Readings by Video

One of the best ways to connect with a psychic virtually is via a video call. This way you can see the psychic and the psychic can see you, making it easier for them to sense your energy and uncover the answers to your questions. The following sites offer free readings or introductory rates that can be used on psychic video calls.

Oranum - Free Credits Upon Signing Up

This site will give you up to 9.99 free credits. This can be between 3 to 10 minutes based on the advisor you choose. They also offer camcorders and webcams to give you easy access to talk to the psychic.

Psychic Source - Introductory Rate of $1.00/Minute

Psychic Source will offer you the first three minutes for free and then an intro rate of $1 for each minute after that. You can use them with video chat as well.

Mystic Sense - Five Minutes Free on First Video Session

Mystic Sense will give you five minutes for free either via chat or video on the first session. However, you will find that not every psychic offers services through chat. You need to look through each profile to see which ones are available. Read the full Mystic Sense Review here.

Your Guide to Free Psychic Readings FAQ

Q: Are free offers legitimate?

A: All of the options that we provided above are legitimate because they do provide at least some free minutes. You need to read through the terms and conditions of your chosen site to make sure you know how the offer works.

If your option has a time limit and you do not want to purchase more minutes, you need to make sure that the question is narrowed down for a quick answer. Then watch the time so you can stop before it goes over.

Be careful about using other options for psychic readings. While there may be some other choices that are legitimate, you need to do your research and read reviews to make sure that you get a legitimate site that will not steal your information in the process.

Q: How do I pick the right psychic reading?

There are several different types of psychic readings you can choose from. Think about the method that seems the most comfortable for you and go with that one on your reading.

If you do not feel comfortable talking to someone face to face, you may want to consider doing something like email or a chat. A video call is a good option if you want the psychic to be right in front of you and you want your answer as soon as possible.

Q: Which reading is best from the list?

A: Readings with a live person are often the best option. This allows you to be present at the same time as the psychic so they can use your energy to uncover the right answer. The advisors on all the sites above are vetted, so you know you are working with one of the best psychics available.

There are also many platforms for live readings, including video, phone, and chat. This makes it easier for you to find the right one that will work for you.

Q: What should I ask during my reading?

A: Users often find that their readings are best when they have a specific question for the advisor. You can choose a specific question or one that is a little more general. The best place to start is to consider a place in your life that is causing anxiety and then narrow that down to come up with the question you really want to be answered.

The Bottom Line

Free psychic readings are a great way to try out a new platform and see which advisors you like to work with. You will get the best results if you are able to get a live psychic reading, but other reading methods will also work well if you need an answer right away.

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