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5 Great Big-Screen 4K TV Deals

James K. Willcox

Yes, Black Friday and the Super Bowl are great times to get deals on a new TV. But savvy shoppers know that we see some of the lowest prices in late February to mid-March, when manufacturers and retailers start to sell off last year's models to make way for newer sets.

We've picked out a few can't-miss big-screen models that are selling for significantly less than they did just a few weeks ago. All the deals below are for large 4K TVs, and we even included one 4K OLED TV. That's a high-end technology and the set is still comparatively pricey, but it's appreciably cheaper than it was in January.

Here's a shopping tip: If you are thinking of buying a new set, try to get a 30-day price-match guarantee from the retailer. Prices at this time of the year are highly volatile—we've seen some prices below shift by as much as $200 over the past few days. A price-match guarantee will ensure that you end up with the best possible price.

Samsung UN65KU630D

The Samsung UN65KU630D is a mid-tier 65-inch 4K UHD set that's sold mainly in warehouse clubs. Though it was selling for about $1,150 just a few weeks ago, it's now just $650 at Costco—that's a drop of almost 45 percent. This set, a flat-screen LED LCD-based model, delivers excellent UHD and high-definition picture quality. Its remote can control almost any other device in your system, including a cable/satellite box, that's plugged into one of the set's HDMI inputs. 

Vizio E65u-D3

This 65-inch LED LCD-based 4K UHD TV from Vizio, in its entry-level SmartCast series for 2016, delivers excellent high-definition picture quality and very good motion-blur performance. Even better, its price has dropped from about $850 a few weeks ago to around $530 at some retailers, including HHGregg. The Vizio E65u-D3 TV has a few unique features. For one, there's no built-in TV tuner for over-the-air broadcasts. Also, its "SmartCast" smart TV platform works a lot like Google Chromecast, in that much of the interaction—everything from adjusting settings to streaming—is done using apps on a phone or tablet.

Samsung UN65KU7500

This 65-inch Samsung UN65KU7500, a curved-screen 4K UHD TV that's among the company's top non-SUHD 4K TVs for 2016, delivers excellent UHD and high-definition picture quality. The set was selling for more than $2,000 not too long ago, but it's now $1,500 at several retailers and just $1,400 at Sears. The TV comes with a smart remote with an embedded microphone for voice searches, and the ability to control almost any other device in your system, including cable/satellite boxes.

LG 65UH615A

The LG 65UH615A—basically the warehouse club version of the 65UH6150, also in our ratings—is a 65-inch 4K UHD that delivers very good high-definition picture quality and excellent UHD performance. It also has a wider-than-average viewing angle for an LCD set. The TV was $1,100 a few weeks back but is now selling for as low as $800 at some outlets. It comes with a conventional remote control, but you can buy and use LG's point-and-click Magic Remote control as an option.


LG's 4K OLED TVs dominated our TV ratings in 2016, and the 55-inch LG OLED55B6P was no exception, with excellent HD and UHD performance. Like other OLED TVs, it has a nearly unlimited viewing angle. This set, which has a flat screen, was selling for $2,500 in mid-January, and it's still $2,300 at several retailers, including Best Buy and Crutchfield. But you can now get it for under $2,000 at Sam's Club and a few other retailers, and even less at some lesser-known dealers. The lowest price we've seen is $1,500, at Abe's of Maine.  

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