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5 Great Jobs for Teenagers

Kate Furlong




As your kids get older, you are probably trying to think of a) constructive ways to keep them busy and b) anything that can help them fund their increasingly expensive lifestyles. The easiest answer to this problem is to help them get a part-time job. A job can help teach your kids responsibility, self-sufficiency and time management, as well as keeping them out of trouble. Plus, if they are making money, that means they’ll hopefully be asking you for pocket change a lot less frequently. Here are a few popular ideas that you may want to encourage your teens to explore.

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Babysitting. Babysitting is a great gig because it is always in demand and if you are good at it, there tends to be a lot of opportunity for repeat business and referrals. Encouraging your kids to take a CPR or childcare course can help potential clients feel comfortable hiring them. To find clients, ask around the neighborhood for families looking for a sitter or search through ads on Craigslist or on babysitting websites.

Lifeguarding. If your kids spend most of their summer at the pool or beach with their friends, they may be able to balance that with a job there that makes them some money. Lifeguarding courses require an upfront investment but, because of this, these jobs tend to pay fairly well and can provide employment for a few summers.

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Caddying. If you have sons who are willing to wake up early and haul a bag of golf clubs around, caddying at a local golf club can be a very lucrative job. Although your kids might not learn too many technical skills on the golf course, they’ll definitely improve their soft skills by starting to make solid networking connections at an early age.

Waiting tables. Working in a restaurant is great for teenagers because they can see just how hard other people work to serve them a good meal. Working as a waiter or waitress will also allow your kids to start building relationships with others, especially their customers. They will also learn that the harder they work, the more money they can make, either by serving more tables or earning higher tips from satisfied customers.

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Retail. Teens tend to spend a lot of time and money at the mall. Have them make better use of their time there by investigating jobs at their favorite stores. A nice side bonus is that these jobs usually come with an employee discount!

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