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5 headphones stands on sale to keep your desk organized

Nah'Ja Washington

Audiophiles, cinephiles, and gamers alike know the value of a good pair of headphones. Why do you think they don't bay an eye at dropping hundreds for quality headsets?

But owning premium headphones requires an extra level of care. You can't just place them anywhere you please. Luckily, there are storage solutions specifically designed to keep your babies safe and sound. Take your pick from these stands and mounts on sale so your headphones can sit on their rightful throne:

Practical: Jokitech Aluminum Universal Headset Stand 

Capable of housing two pairs of headphones at once, this headset stand reduces the clutter at your desk and adds a sleek and sophisticated look to your devices. It delivers a solid and rubberized grip to keep both headphones in place. It can also accommodate any brand or type headset, whether it be wired or wireless. Read more...

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