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5 More Items to Buy in August

Amber Sager

August is a great month to save. As parents and students start prepping to go back to school, retailers are clearing the shelves of summer merchandise to make room for the fall. Tax-free weekends also make their debut this month offering tax-free savings in many states.

Here are five items you'll save on this month:

Outdoor Accessories

The temperature is still hot, but it won't stay that way for long. Outdoor accessories are usually ideal for warm weather, so those items will be less popular as it begins to cool off. As retailers make way for products more suitable for cool weather, prices on outdoor items will drop.

If you've been looking for a new outdoor furniture set, now is the time to buy. Retailers are slashing the prices of outdoor furniture to clear their summer inventory. You'll also find great deals on grills this month. Toward the end of August ideal grilling conditions will begin tapering off. When the demand goes down, the price goes down. Outdoor accessories will still be on sale next month, but they'll be picked through. If you care about a specific brand or model, hit the stores this month for the best selection.

Office Supplies

We all know that back-to-school sales bring in low prices on the office supply aisle. But we don't always consider the back-to-college sales. If you're in need of some new décor in the office, you're in luck. Back-to-college sales include deals on everything you need for a dorm room, which can be perfect for sprucing up the office. You can expect to save a bundle on organizational shelves and containers, dorm décor and office furniture. Just hit the big box stores and check out the dorm section before the soon-to-be freshman get their hands on it. Many stores offer a shop online/pickup in store option that can be very helpful when it comes to skipping the crowds.


As the summer travel season begins to wrap up, you'll see an increase in travel deals. Last-minute travel gets very cheap around this time of year. Book in August for trips through the end of October. After that, the prices will shoot back up for holiday travel. Flights are usually the cheapest about seven weeks prior to your trip, so booking a flight in August is perfect for a trip in September or October. If you're looking to go on a cruise in the near future, check out Alaskan and Caribbean cruises for cheap prices over the next few months. But of course, check weather forecasts before you choose a sailing date.


There will be some great deals on laptops and laptop accessories during back-to-school sales. If you're a college student or an educator, you can get special deals at the Apple Store for Education. Whether you're a college student or not, you can take advantage of sales for up to 50 percent off laptops and accessories this month.

If your state offers a tax-free weekend, you'll save a ton on laptops this month. Since they're normally big-ticket items, buying them tax-free can save you up to 200 dollars.


August is the perfect month to hit the sales racks for a wardrobe upgrade. As fall fashion starts rolling into stores, summer fashion will get the boot. Look for big savings on swimwear and summer clothing this month.

You'll also be able to save a bundle on kids' clothes. Back-to-school sales offer great clothing deals when restocking closets for the school year. That goes for uniforms, too. The best way to save on school uniforms is to shop online. Search for uniform coupon codes that will allow you to save even more on sales items.

As you can see, back-to-school sales will provide lots of opportunities to save this month. Back-to-school season is the second busiest shopping season of the year, so if you want to skip the crowds and the crazy, I suggest shopping online. And if you are shopping online, make sure to check coupon and deals sites for coupon codes that allow you to stack your savings. Don't pass up a double discount. Happy shopping!

Amber Sager is the PR Girl for Offers.com. She prides herself on leading a fun, frugal lifestyle.

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