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5 Off-The-Beaten-Path Valentine's Day Gift Ideas (Under $100)

Melissa Brock

A quick calendar reality check: February 14 is roaring in. How’d that get here so fast?

Even if you’re still marveling over the fact that it’s not still New Year’s (didn’t the ball just drop in Times Square?), we have good news: There’s still two weeks left until Valentine’s Day.

The bad news? You might not quite have figured out what you’ll buy for your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister or No. 1 gal pal.

Don’t sweat it — we’re here to help save your relationship — and your wallet. We’ve put together a list of fun gifts for a truly special girl.

1. Drop Teardrop Earrings from Tru-Diamonds

Diamond teardrop earrings for Valentine’s Day makes you soooo popular in the boyfriend, husband, son, etc. department. You might be a little skeptical about giving your favorite girl a non-diamond diamond, but think about this — they’re better for the environment. Up to 250 tons of earth must be blasted and excavated to find one carat. Really!

Tru-Diamonds are so high-quality that even a professional jeweler can be fooled at first glance. They’re indistinguishable from top-grade mined diamonds — their chemical composition is the only difference. Massive bonus: These teardrop earrings are totally gorgeous!

Cost: $69 (but you can snag them for off here).

2. Heart-Shaped Bamboo

Does your mom travel to southeast Asia six times a year? Does your aunt collect Chinese trinkets? If a woman in your life loves bamboo as much as the pandas do, the Heart-Shaped Bamboo from 1-800-Flowers could be spot-on. You can opt for a triple, double or single heart (it depends on your budget) or add chocolate for an extra dose of sweetness.

Cost: You can buy single up to triple bamboo hearts: $66.99 to $34.99

3. Custom Rose Socks

A photo of the two of you on her phone is so... traditional. Now, everyone will be able to see how much you’re her #1: BaeSocks is the best way for her to take your smiling face wherever she goes. All you need to do to give her wardrobe some giddy-up is drag in your photos and click. The company even offers custom blankets if you know she wants to have you wrapped around her shoulders alllll the time.

Cost: $24.95 for socks; up to $99.95 for a blanket

4. “What I Love About You” Gift Journal

Aww, this one. It’s not really that off-the-beaten-path — it’s just sweet and perfect if you’re on a budget. This fill-in-the-blank love book offers you the chance to display some real affection. Simple prompts like, “You have the greatest taste in __________” mean you can get as mushy or crafty as you want. Its hardcover book with a removable clear plastic jacket even lets you customize the front of the book. Your loved one will treasure it forever.

It’s a great gift if you’re thin on the Ben Franklins, because this sweet gift only costs $7.50 on Amazon. Spring for a dinner in (cooked by you!) and place this little book on the table — you’ll be good to go for a couple of Valentine’s Days.

Cost: $7.50

5. Life Insurance from Bestow

Wait — hear us out. We promise we didn’t get tired of looking up funky gifts. And this is a 100 percent truly legitimate way to prove your devotion to a loved one. Consider this — when you pass on, don’t you want your family protected? We’ll make it simple for you: Consider a term life insurance policy. Seventy-one percent of consumers who own life insurance have a term life policy, according to bestliferates.org.

Bestow could get you coverage for yourself and your loved one in mere minutes. Just apply by answering a few simple questions — and you can skip the medical exam. Don’t let the “Hmmm... Is this romantic enough?” question stand between you and financial protection. It’s the best kind of gift you can give.

Cost: Starts at $5 a month.

Go Off the Beaten Path

We think we’ve covered our bases here. Life insurance could be a great idea if she’s all about the practical gifts. On the other hand, if she’s making room on her desk at work for a new vase, take the hint. (There’s a reason her friend texted you.)

No matter what, be sure to consider what your true love really wants this Valentine’s Day.

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