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This 5-port car charger may be the best Labor Day purchase you make

Nah'Ja Washington

TL;DR: Snag the BESTEK Advantage Inverter from the Mashable Shop. It's typically $27.99, but you'll get it for $21.24.

Foregoing a car charger is fine if you primarily use your car to go to and from work or school. But what happens when you embark on a long road trip? With friends and family and all their devices? And what happens if you get lost with no GPS? What would you do then?

You won't have to imagine the outcome of such hypothetical (and horrifying) scenarios if you have a reliable car charger in your vehicle. Billed as America's top power inverter brand, the BESTEK Advantage Inverter is a power hub capable of refueling multiple gadgets all at once. And this weekend, you can pick one up for an extra 15% with code SAVE15TODAY Read more...

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