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Here Are 5 Predictions From Some Of The Most Followed Traders And Investors On StockTwits


Below you will find more than 5 predictions for 2014. Each prediction was shared by a trader, investor, or market enthusiast from the StockTwits community. If you want to share some of your predictions for 2014, we created a stream right here to post and test your ideas.

1.) @HarmonGreg says large caps will rule once again:

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 5.47.10 PM
  • Large Caps become leaders ($DIS, $MMM, $DOW, $DD, $BP to name a few).
  • developed markets are winners : US, Germany, Japan.
  • Bonds continue to frustrate the first qtr then yields move higher.
  • My book becomes a bestseller.


2.) @AllStarCharts says Blackberry will double, and  Lebron will shoot way better than Carmelo:

  • Crude Oil prices double in Gold terms. $CL_F/$GC_F currently at 0.08 – goes to 0.15+.
  • Interest rates see 2% before 4% (10-year).
  • Corn Rallies 30%.
  • Blackberry doubles in Price.
  • And Lebron ends the regular season shooting 50% better from the field than Carmelo Anthony.


3.) @Ivanhoff  thinks crypto currencies will see a deep correction and momentum will keep working:

  • In 2014, we will see an uptick in Volatility and correlation.
  • Upside momentum will continue to work.
  • Some of the biggest losers of 2013 will turn into the biggest gainers in 2014.Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 8.50.22 AM
  • Apple will come up with a bigger-screen iPhone and it will be awesome. It will be a huge success, but it will cannibalize from its iPads’ sales.
  • Twitter will reach $80 at some point, but it will have a 50% correction along the way – it is something typical for all long-term market winners.
  • More people will start paying for everything with their smart phones. Credit cards will gradually become relicts and collector items.
  • All crypto currencies will experience 80%+ correction at some point in 2014. This will be a buying opportunity. Venture capitalists and angel investors will invests tens of millions of dollars in startups, specializing in Bitcoin-like technology.
  • Facebook will buy Tinder.
  • Herbalife will go over $100 and Bill Ackman will cover part of his short. He will keep the bulk of it until he retires or until he is right, whichever comes first. His company will see an increase in redemptions.


4.) @ReformedBroker sees a new trend in dividend growth and a surprise in global economic expansion:

  • The 2009 Generational Bottom is replaced as the reference point for the current bull market with the new all-time highs of 2013. An acknowledgement of the fact that this is a secular bull leads to a rethinking of its starting point – just as we refer to the start of the ’82 bull market from the new high and not the 1973 low.
  • A major precious metals fund or firm blows up and gets investigated or sued over deceptive marketing practices for pitching itself as a safe haven.
  • Intel is replaced in the Dow by Google, which splits 10 for 1.
  • Economists and investors are shocked at the pace of global economic expansion. Most of the predictions about tepid developed market growth and fragile economies in emerging markets look ridiculous as animal spirits combine with five years of massive stimulus to produce a new bubble. It will be investable for awhile before running off the rails. Greed cannot be predicted with a spread sheet and no one will see this explosion coming except for students of human nature.
  • The new hot trend will be dividend growth rather than high-yield stocks – dividend growth has historically outpaced inflation and is a much better hedge for long-term investors than commodities, which are prone to massive boom-bust cycles. This augurs well for high quality growth companies that generate a lot of free cash, the theme will be played globally with stocks around the world, not just S&P 500 names.


5.) @HowardLindzon predicts that financials like Schwab and Wisdom Tree will lead in 2014:

  • Financials will lead in 2014 as vanguard wannabees grow like $WETF and $SCHW.
  • Also – Marketing Automation will be the buzzword in tech and enterprise.
  • Bitcoins will trade below $200.