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5 Public Companies That Don’t Do Drug Tests in 2019

Dragana Randjelovic

Although there are much more than 5 public companies that don’t do drug test in 2019, people would be surprised that the largest and most popular companies are on this list. If you want a larger list check out our 2017 article 10 biggest companies that do not do a drug test. For some reason, people expect that large and famous companies do not accept workers who cannot focus on the job. Given that some small companies perform drug tests on their employees frequently, people expect large companies to follow their workers even more seriously.

However, in the past decade, more experts say that drug tests are too expensive and pointless. Four states in the US have legalized marijuana, and many more are in the process of legalizing medical marijuana. After Washington allowed using cannabis as a recreational drug, Florida followed suit and allowed medical usage of it. Same in California. This country does not criminalize using marijuana. Among those four is Oregon, who is waiting for it to be official, but expect success.

According to ACLU, the US has spent roughly $11.7 million on drug testing in federal agencies. Florida has paid over than $14 million for drug testing in aviation alone. Although nobody wants to sit in a plane that is being flown by a drugged pilot, is that amount of money essential? Since only a few countries have stopped with drug testing because of the serious cost, taxpayers in the US want to know if the government has spent their money smartly. There's also the concern that these tests have been used only in discriminated categories, supporting their stigmatization.

Let's talk about the medical use of drugs, as we know people use prescribed medications. Those are people who take painkillers prescribed their doctors. People can always trick the test. A few studies found only 5% of people use that drug prescribed to them. We have to ask, what's going on?

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The original list of companies that don't do drug tests in 2019 is very long. We've chosen the five which we consider as the most popular.

Starbuck (Starbucks Corporation: NASDAQ: SBUX)

This company surely belongs to the list of 5 public companies that don’t do drug tests in 2019. It is hard to precisely assume why they have decided to not known employees’ drug consumption. Maybe the fact that the company earns money drinks which improves mood, alertness, and working effects. However, with 291,000 employers all over the world in more than 28,000 locations, it is hard to talk about drug usage. Maybe the answer is that they cannot control their workers in every of the country they have a business. [caption id="attachment_771208" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Pixabay/Public domain[/caption]

Drug test

Apple (Apple Inc.: NASDAQ: AAPL)

They founded this famous company in 1976 and since then has not stopped producing high-quality computers, components, and electric devices. Since the company has 132,000, maybe it is hard for them to control every one of them on a monthly level. On the other hand, perhaps they found working in this company stressful for the average person, so controlled drug consumption should not be so bad. As long as the work gets done, it might not matter if they do drugs or not. [caption id="attachment_771204" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Pixabay/Public domain[/caption]

Medical marijuana

Microsoft (Microsoft Corporation: NASDAQ: MSFT)

This company has many reasons to be on the list of 5 public companies that don’t do drug test in 2019. There is a story that programming companies have established young programmers that enjoyed in LSD during the ’60s. They believed that the inventiveness, free mind, and creativeness comes from the same source – the subconscious part of the brain. However, to avoid speculations, let’s say that the company has founded that their employees are creative and successful enough to have great inventions. [caption id="attachment_771206" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Pixabay/Public domain[/caption]


Twitter (NYSE: TWTR)

Even 2,500 employers have confirmed that working for this company gives them satisfaction and constant improvement. Since they claim that the company is one of the best to work for, leaving behind many other social networks and programming companies, we are sure that drug testing is one of the things the company does. However, it is not wrong to say that not only that have they entirely forbidden giving out drug tests, they also do not say why. [caption id="attachment_771203" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Pixabay/Public domain[/caption]


Google (Alphabet Inc Class A: NASDAQ: GOOGL)

The workers in this company have named it as the best company for working in 2015. There are numerous reasons for it. They offer excellent conditions, including fitness, unlimited sick days, and the atmosphere at work. As one of the best sides of the company workers point the immense opportunity and speed of advancement at work. When it comes to the drug test, they have entirely abolished it a few years ago, claiming that programmers and developments who enjoy marijuana do the job better. However, since the company is among the largest, we have to put it on our list of 5 public companies that don’t do drug test in 2019. [caption id="attachment_771205" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Pixabay/Public domain[/caption] Disclosure: None. This article is originally published at Insider Monkey.