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5 Questions Senators Cruz and Leahy Want Apple CEO Tim Cook to Answer

Senators Ted Cruz and Patrick Leahy penned a letter to Apple AAPL CEO Tim Cook demanding to know why multiple privacy-providing apps were removed from the Chinese App Store. This summer, Apple removed apps that were virtual private network (VPN), which means that they allowed users to access uncensored internet in China and other countries that restrict internet freedom. Among the questions the senators want answered are: Did Chinese authorities issue a request for Apple to remove apps from the App Store? If yes, did Apple take any action to oppose the request? How many apps were removed with or without the request of Chinese authorities? Has Apple made formal requests to reintroduce apps to the store? What has Apple done to promote free speech in China? Watch More with TheStreet: Target CEO: This Is How We Will Beat Walmart Check Out the 6 Newest Google Products 50,000 Sandwiches and 4 Other Ways Cities Are Trying to Woo Amazon Billionaire David Rubenstein on His Biggest Worry for the Economy