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5 Reasons to Delay Your Honeymoon

SMP Contributor

It seems that more and more couples are opting to wait before jetting off into honeymoon bliss. Although the tradition is still leaving the next morning, there are a ton of reasons why delaying the honeymoon can be beneficial.

Kay English PhotographyIF YOU WANT TO SAVE MORE

Whether you are paying for the wedding on your own, planning to buy a home, or simply want to add more to your savings account, delaying the honeymoon can be a big help to your finances. Plus, the more you save, the less you'll have to worry about money while away or feel guilty about an indulgent dinner or couples massage. Or, perhaps you did a honeymoon registry and want to wait until you can budget out those generous gifts!


You may have your heart set on Mexico, but traveling there in the rainy season will ruin your dreams of sun-soaked days on the beach. If you aren't willing to budge on your destination, make sure you are traveling when the weather is at its best—it will be worth the wait.

Rebecca Yale PhotographyIF YOU CAN'T TAKE OFF WORK

Work is a big reason many couples choose to wait. You may have already taken most of your time off days for the wedding, or your wedding may fall on your busy season, making it impossible to leave right after. If that's the case, don't fret—going on vacation when your mind is still on work could ruin the romance, so waiting until you are stress-free will make for a much better trip.

Disney's Fairytale Weddings & HoneymoonsIF YOU'RE FEELING OVERWHELMED BY THE WEDDING

Planning a wedding is a ton of work! And planning a big vacation isn't a walk in the park, either. If the wedding planning has you super overwhelmed, you may not have the energy to plan something else—and that's ok! Let yourself bask in the after-wedding glow from the comfort of your couch and wait to plan the next big thing until you're fully ready.


If you are having a destination wedding or getting married somewhere far from the majority of your guests, you may want to put off the honeymoon to spend more time with them. They traveled far to be with you, so it may seem wrong to leave them right away. Plus, it can be super fun to show your family and friends your favorite place. The honeymoon can wait.

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Jessica Tzikas is a freelance writer, editor, and content manager from South Florida, who recently moved back to the sunshine state after living in Philadelphia for the past few years. When she isn't writing, you can find her reading by the beach, practicing yoga, and exploring nearby towns with her new husband.