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5 Reasons Why I Plan to Adopt Bitcoin Cash for Everyday Payments [and You Should Too]

P. H. Madore
bitcoin atm bitcoin cash
bitcoin atm bitcoin cash

The Bitcoin Cash price has had little negative volatility in recent times, just like Bitcoin itself and Ethereum. In times like these, the question arises: why don’t we just use Bitcoin Cash?

Here are five reasons that I’m considering adopting Bitcoin Cash as my cryptocurrency of choice for everyday usage.

1. Low Fees, Empty Blocks

The average transaction fee on Bitcoin Cash is less than a penny. Despite having large blocks, most of the blocks are relatively empty by comparison to Bitcoin. If you have a lot of inputs, your transaction fee will be higher, of course. But the cost of a kilobyte is a penny, whereas the average cost of my last 10 transactions using the flagship cryptocurrency was between 7 and 9 cents. These were well-formulated transactions, crafted by Coinomi wallet.

2. Bitcoin Developers Favor Making Blocks Even Smaller

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