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5 Secrets to Timeless Home Décor



This article was written by Erica Bryant of Roomations.

When accessorizing your home, it can be hard to decipher the difference between the latest trends and lasting style. What will be in today and out tomorrow? Use these home decorating ideas as a guide to achieving ageless, classic design.

1. Geometric pattern

Yes, it’s trendy, but it’s never gone out of style. Geometric pattern is heavily linked to the 1930s, when mid-century modern-style architecture and home décor were first developed. Large scale, retro patterns were seen in stone screens, furniture design, fabrics and even kitchenware! To this day, rooms are still being transformed by similar bold pattern — wallpaper being one of the easiest, most interesting ways to do so. Patterns such as chevron, double horseshoe, Moroccan and hexagon are popular choices to bring drab, white walls to life.

2. The Parsons table

Originally designed by Jean-Michel Frank and his students at Parsons Paris School of Art and Design, the Parsons table is a classic piece of furniture made for every style, for every home. These symmetrical, clean lined tables are quite versatile and can be found as entry tables, coffee tables, dining tables, side tables and desks. There is something very simple and sophisticated about a Parsons table — it is beautiful without having to try. Contemporary reproductions can be found at stores such as Room and Board, West Elm, Crate and Barrel and believe it or not even Target sells them!

3. The mirror

Using mirrors in interior design may be the oldest trick in the book, but, hey — we’re still using it! Mirrors give the appearance of space where there is not and help your layout to flow. They also reflect light, which can help brighten up just about any room. Aside from its function, a mirror adds a dramatic element and heightens the elegance in the room. And every mirror is one of a kind with numerous styles to choose from such as Venetian, Victorian, convex, gilded, etched, bamboo and sunburst.

4. Framed photographs

We’ve been doing it from the beginning of time — framing family photographs throughout the house. Yes, the world has gone digital, but having tactile memories styled in your home is one of the most personal ways to accessorize a space. When choosing photographs, be sure to consider using both black and white photos along with your colors. This will add both contrast and variation to your collection. As for frames, don’t be afraid to mix in different sizes, shapes and colors — the options are endless. Hang portraits along a diagonal staircase wall, display frames along the entry table, or sneak a couple on your office bookcase to immediately add character to your home.

5. Black and white

These two colors spell out classic. Black and white is also the easiest way to begin designing a space. This neutral color scheme will create a foundation for your room, allowing you to bring in color later, one that can easily be switched out at any time. Although simple, the color duo never gets old, dull or boring. Why? Because there’s more then one way to make black and white work. This sophisticated color scheme can soften a space just as well as it can make a powerful statement. For a calming space, work with soft whites, warm grays and incandescent lighting — nothing too stark or dark. Bring in faux fur pillows, linen curtains and floor poufs. For a modern, more dramatic look, fill your room with lacquered furniture, metallic accents, Lucite, or zebra print. Focus on using bolder blacks and glossy finishes in your design.

Roomations is an interior design and e-decor site that connects you with professional designers for custom room concepts online. Work with up to three different interior designers to visualize your project then make it happen by taking to the streets (or your computer) with a shopping list that includes everything you’ll need. Custom interior design has never been so accessible, affordable and convenient! Start by finding your personal style with our free Style Quiz.

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