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5 super cool name ideas for future cities on Mars

Chloe Bryan

On Tuesday, President Obama announced his plan to send humans to Mars by the 2030s — but in the meantime, we have some planning to do here on Earth.

Who's even going to go to Mars? Will they ever come back? What kind of food will they eat? And most importantly, what are they going to name their new towns?

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To ensure we give our future Martian hubs the coolest, most Mars-tastic names ever, here are a few suggestions. And please, no "Marstown." Yawn.

Gotta call 'em like we see 'em. Mars is full of rocks! Sure, the name is clunky, but so are rocks.

Image: mashable/ambar del moral

Our weary first voyagers might have trouble coming up with a name right when they land. In that case, why not borrow the name of America's most beloved city?

Image: mashable/ambar del moral

For all the people who thought living on Mars was going to be just like Burning Man.

Image: mashable/ambar del moral

Named for the greatest Mars of all — Bruno Mars.

Image: mashable/ambar del moral

This is a town just for Elon Musk. We hope he has fun.

Image: mashable/ambar del moral

Just some suggestions.

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