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5‌ ‌Super Secretive Steps to Achieve Amazing Success

·8 min read

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / April 16, 2021 / The feeling of being burdened by debt and bills, and never being able to save or get ahead is a familiar one to many. It might seem like a constant uphill battle, a road paved with good intentions and dreams that never come to pass. Understand that there is a path out from under that burden, and it involves a change of mindset.

Will Owens, creator, entrepreneur, life coach, and spiritual educator has dedicated his time and energy to helping people create a mindset that sets them on the path to success through his company The Mind Creates, LLC. He works to help people realize their full potential and live the life they genuinely want to lead. Owens has a distinct system that focuses on building time freedom. The company's unique methods help people come out from under the weight of financial burdens and helps them identify what their true talents and passions are. The main focus is taking immediate action by defining real steps that a person can take to make an impactful difference in their life.

Through one-on-one consultations, The Mind Creates works to help people understand the 6 categories of fear that we often face that prevents many from living a meaningful life. By identifying and facing their fear(s), a driven individual can properly conquer their fear(s) and live a fulfilling, prosperous, and financially lucrative life that makes them feel joyful.

No matter the age of a person, or their earnings category (hourly, commissions, or salary) that person can contribute to themselves and their household finances. The Mind Creates was designed for the person who could have a full list of life's struggles that might be holding them back, but they are willing to follow the proper guidance and information so that they can become a success.

Owens is experienced and successful in what he does, which comes from overcoming hardships, tragedies, and adversities in his own life. He worked hard to live the life he thought he wanted, only to discover it did not make him happy. After facing his mother's death from cancer, losing his home, his marriage, his job, and even having to face single parenthood; he has seen and overcome a mountain of adversity.

Have you ever realized that you were working towards something that you had no passion for? This is why during a consultation with The Mind Creates there is a focus on discovering natural gifts and abilities and coming up with creative ideas on how to turn those ideas into income-producing activities. The idea of incorporating this aspect into the company came from Owens realizing that there was value in having a safe space for people to vent out their struggles and share what makes them feel amazing. This strategy has been implemented for over 8 years by Owens and his best friends, alongside their Academic Advisor who together created the B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D. (Brothers Respecting Open Thought Helping Every-Man Realize His Own Original Dream). This organization is still in existence today at the University of Pittsburgh.

Through data taken from every client conversation with Will Owens, it was noticed that two trending issues that many people struggle with are the lack of being willing to think for themselves, and the inability to make and live with a decision. By the end of the third consultation session, the company helps its clients see that it's all about understanding what means most to them and weighing their decisions against their deeply rooted values. Right before graduating with his Engineering degree in 2013, Will Owens personally had to decide on whether to commit his time and energy to his Professional Basketball Career, or take a position in the corporate world working for PepsiCo in their Leadership Development Program. Ultimately, Will decided on going with the sure-fire way of providing for his family financially and took the position with PepsiCo.

3 of the 6 fears that people deal with are the fear of poverty, the fear of ill health, and the fear of death. The CEO of The Mind Creates personally experienced these 3 fears when 9 months after starting his new position in Atlanta, Owens was forced to resign from the Fortune 500 company. Not only this, he also found out that he couldn't get the house he was about to close on due to his neighbors not paying their HOA fees. The hardest devastation came when his mother learned that she was going to die in 9 months due to finding out that she had Stage 4 Liver Cancer that was rapidly causing her to deteriorate. Mr. Owens never hides the truth that it was his relationship with God that helped him during the times where tests were appearing from all angles, and at the same time.

Before Will's relationship with God, he never gave any attention to God because he was too focused on his needs, his wants, and his dreams for the future. By the age of 24, he ended up getting everything he wanted such as a house, car, money, great career, ability to travel, and many other things only to realize that none of those things bought him the feeling of fulfillment, only temporary happiness. Through this realization, God opened Will's eyes on how to live a life filled with love, joy, and peace and had Will write his first book, "It Could Happen To You."

Since writing the book, Will has seen how everything happens for a reason and discovered the power in how giving up all his pain, shame, and guilt to God, led to blessings and lessons in return. Some notable highlights to mention since the creation of "It Could Happen To You," are Will's marriage and divorce, his first child being born and having to raise him as a co-parent, him going through bankruptcy, him becoming unfocused on his relationship with God, and a combination of many other issues that forced him to be depressed for 2 and a half years. The depression caused him to lose his drive and excitement for his life's purpose.

On the other side of the coin, through taking the time out to decide to become intentional and laser-focused on his relationship with God, Will was able to start implementing the principles revealed in his book and the Bible. Since doing so, Owens has restored his credit, removed the bankruptcy from his credit profile, improved his relationship and friendship with his ex-wife, re-ignited the fire to live out his purpose after rediscovering it, gained back his confidence, overcame depression, and last but not least started up his business The Mind Creates, LLC where he has the burning desire to serve more than 250,000 people.

Through obedience to very key principles, a client will be blessed, abundant, prosperous, fulfilled, and wealthy. All these techniques are shared through consultations with The Mind Creates, LLC and Will Owens personally guarantees that any person who truly desires to have their life transformed can have it be that way because through the mind we create our reality.

For the person who is ready to start taking immediate action, below are 5 simple steps towards a major life transformation. Should you want to go even further on your transformation, contact Will Owens so he can personally help you with a customized plan created specifically for you.

5 Simple Steps to Transform Towards Wealth

  • Step 1. Take note of your monthly income by taking an inventory of how much money comes into your bank account every month.

  • Step 2. Take note of your monthly expenses by listing them all out and identify the top three biggest monthly expenses. For most people, their top 3 expenses are student loan debt, credit card debt, and their monthly rent or mortgage.

  • Step 3. Identify any shortfalls in your debt to income, see if and why there is more going out than coming in. Then create the new habit of setting aside an amount each month for saving, and Owens can show you how to make that money grow through compounding.

  • Step 4. Take the time to search within yourself and write down 1 thing that you care about most in life. This can be a person, your business, life goals, or whatever it is that you care about the absolute most.

  • Step 5. Identify what your unique skill set is, the thing that you are the best at, and focus on building that skill. Owens then can use his insight, skill, and expertise to help you learn how to take that skill and turn it into an income.

Along with these 5 steps, The Mind Creates offers a free downloadable calendar that shows actionable, implementable steps that everyone can do daily to live a more fulfilled life. Send an email with the Subject Line "30 Day Calendar" to TheMindCreatesLLC@gmail.com.

"People create their own best outcomes, and they also create their worst. We create our situations, so it is up to you to realize what you can create in your life. Good or bad, take accountability, and change what you do to change what you create."

The Mind Creates has a variety of ways to help people and teach how a shifting of the mind, a change in habits, and a new perspective can be life-changing. Learn more on their website, www.themindcreates.com, about their background, expertise, and how they can help you become wealthy, and experience a fulfilling and prosperous life.

Company Name: The Mind Creates, LLC
Contact Person: Will Owens
Address: 3276 Northside Parkway NW, Atlanta, GA 30327
Phone Number: 978-269-4876
Website Link: http://themindcreates.com/

SOURCE: The Mind Creates, LLC

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