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5 Surprising Cleaning Tips

Americans spend roughly $5 billion on household cleaning supplies every year and growing. But do we really need all those detergents and liquids? One cleaning expert says you can skip the store and save money by employing some basic products sitting in your cabinets at home.

DIY expert and author of the book, Who Knew? 10,001 Easy Solutions to Everyday Problems, Bruce Lubin, offers the following five simple cleaning solutions.

1. Remove Ink from Leather
To remove stubborn ink marks from leather shoes or bags, Lubin says all you need to do is spray a little hairspray and wipe away.

2. Leather Polish
Regular hair conditioner adds a glossy shine to leather shoes.  Dab conditioner onto your shoes and work it into the leather with a cloth. It’s a fast method and it’s cost effective.

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3. Red Wine Stain Remover
Whether you spill red wine on the floor or on fabric, Lubin says a solution of equal parts hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid can do the cleaning job just as well as any expensive wine-removing product, such as Wine Away, which can cost up to $9.  The bleaching agent in the peroxide helps erase the stain, while the dishwashing liquid cleans. Let the mixture soak the stain and then wash.

4. Wine Glass Stains
Some stains resist water – like lipstick – are too tough for dishwashing machines to remove. Lubin recommends rubbing salt over the stain to remove the imprint, then wash as usual in the machine or under the sink.

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5. Silver Polish
The simplest method to clean and polish your silver and avoid tarnishing is toothpaste, says Lubin.  Set aside those pricey silver polishes.  The results are similar.

Tell us your foolproof cleaning tips.