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5 Things We Highly Recommend Practicing Before Your Big Day

Melissa Baran

With what feels like a million action items on your wedding planning to do list, it's easy to see why the following items are often pushed to the wayside. But yet, they are some of the most important moments of your Big Day! From the first kiss to the first dance, here are five things you should give a test run before it's showtime.

The Kiss

Which kiss? Well, you're going to be throwing the x's around a LOT on your wedding day, but most importantly—the ceremony kiss. A peck is too simple, tongue is just not OK with grandma... so go for that perfect in between. Practice makes perfect, but you probably don't need a reminder to kiss your fiancé right now! Keep in mind that you'll want your 'first kiss' to linger a bit so that your photog can capture the moment. 3 seconds should do it.

Getting Comfortable in Front of the Camera

Your photographer should be able to give you some great tips for posing—or for looking natural for those candid shots (harder said than done!). But it's always a good idea to practice in front of a mirror, too. Try these tips if you're feeling awkward about your every move being captured. Also, doing an engagement session with your photog is a great test run.


Whether you're reciting scripted vows or going with completely personalized vows, it's always a good idea to practice them beforehand. And, remember to speak up! I don't think I've ever been to a wedding where the Bride or Groom are too loud when saying their vows. Most times, it's tough to hear them, especially for an outdoor ceremony.

First Dance

You don't have to go as far as to take dancing lessons—although they would be fun! But let's face it, cramming in one more thing during the wedding planning process might send you over the edge. That doesn't mean you shouldn't practice your dancing skills anyway. Grab your sweetie, turn on some tunes and get boogie-ing in the kitchen. Consider that your dress may get in the way—so have a plan of action for bustling, too.

Get to Know Your Dress

You'll most likely be trying your dress on several times for alterations—but make sure to try it on at home and play around in it too. Get an idea for how it flows, how you'll hold it with a bouquet or while holding your mister's hand. These little things will help to prep for your Big Day and avoid any unexpected surprises!