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5 Tips For Surviving ‘Halo 5′ Multiplayer

Ryan B. Brown

Halo 5: Guardians is a big, beautiful shooter, sporting some of the best graphics on the Xbox One and a wealth of innovative new tricks. But while you might start off playing it solo, Halo 5 is particularly fun if you head online and play with others in the game’s two main multiplayer modes: Warzone and Arena. 

Of course, everyone else is heading there, too, and chances are, you’ll be matched up against some pretty stiff competition. You might be able to fall back on your slick shooter skills to get by for a while, but there’s much more to Halo 5 than just aiming at bad guys and pulling the trigger. If you want to stay on top of the leaderboards, you’ll need to take advantage of the game’s awesome new abilities, moves, weapons, and features. Start saving the galaxy — and your ailing kill/death ratio — with these five helpful tips.