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5 Unexpected Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

SMP Contributor

Weddings, of course, are a celebration of a couple's union. That said, more couples are looking for ways to keep guests entertained to create a memorable evening and in the process, show a bit of their personality. The interactive entertainment for guests can run the gamut—think live painting sessions that capture the big day's festivities or the New Orleans tradition of a Second Line parade).

Here's a few unique ideas that are guaranteed to be a hit:

Mademoiselle Fiona Wedding PhotographyCreate a Lasting Memory

For the boho, modern couple, consider a "stick and poke" or henna tattooing station if you're hosting an Indian wedding. It gives guests a memory that they will literally not forget (unless they choose to). This activity is best executed by having the artist create a flash card. Include five to seven pre-approved options the artist can offer in order to reduce wait times.

Koby Brown Photography

Get Your Fortune Told

A wedding union is the start of a journey together, that many look forward to with hope and love. The couple can share the good vibes with guests with a fortune teller on-site to give predictions. Ryan and I had a tarot card reader at our wedding. Two years later, guests still tell us how much fun the reading was. Other options include a palm reader or an astrologer.

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Time For Games

Couples who are young at heart and want to bring some old-school nostalgia to their wedding will love the idea of renting a skeeball or Pop-a-Shot set-up for guests to play with all night long. Even a bag toss game can be dressed up for wedding fun! It's a great alternative for guests who need a break from the dance floor and parents with kids in tow.

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Old School Cigar Bar

Evoke the era of a time long ago with a hand-rolled cigar station. A few years ago I attended a wedding with one of these in place and it was a huge hit. Even non-smokers were lining up to get their very own in order to get up and close personal for the process that involves the vendor cutting a teardrop from a broad tobacco leaf, rolling it flat, then gluing, wrapping and twisting it into the final product.

A Bryan PhotoFor The Foodie Couple

A wedding planner friend told me she once planned a cooking class for guests during the cocktail hour. Because the wedding size was under 50, the couple was able to create a unique experience in which guests made their own dinner. However, if your wedding celebration is much larger, consider a beverage company that sets up a station and lets guests shake up their own craft cocktail. A friend employed Femme du Coupe at her birthday party and it was a great way to break the ice between guests who were strangers, a strategy that's perfect for big weddings.

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