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5 Vendors You Didn't Know You Needed on Your Wedding Day

Melissa Baran

Wedding vendors are the heartbeat of Style Me Pretty. As planners, they bring your vision to life. As, floral designers, they spread smiles with blooms. As photographers, they capture that vision and forever freeze moments in time with beautiful imagery. As caterers, they fill bellies with delicious food and hearts with warmth. Just to name a few! As we celebrate 10 years of talent in our Little Black Book today, we're virtually raising a glass to those vendors. And because we want YOU to enjoy every minute of your Big Day, we're letting you in on five vendors you didn't know you needed, until now.

Lady in waiting

When our editor, Christine, told me she had a "lady in waiting" for her wedding day, I was intrigued. What does said lady DO that your bridesmaids, mom or mother-in-law can't help with?! Well, all sorts of things apparently. Take it from Christine, herself...

When my aunt and uncle surprised me with a lady in waiting for my wedding day, I wondered the very same thing! But she quickly proved herself absolutely indispensable! My lady in waiting steamed the dresses and tuxedos of the bridal party along with my gown and veil. She then cleaned my engagement ring and the wedding rings to get them photo ready and helped collect items for the photographer to use for those detail getting ready shots (invitations, jewelry, shoes, perfume, and accessories). She also dropped off all the bridesmaids' and groomsmen's belongings at the coat check of the hotel when we were done in the getting ready room so they could easily be retrieved after the night of festivities.My lady in waiting had a nice little emergency kit on hand throughout the day for headaches, wardrobe malfunctions, hair and makeup touch ups, etc. It absolutely came in handy when a hook and eye closure popped on a bridesmaid's dress and when I basically cried off my false eyelashes! She also had tissues, which I used about 100 of during said crying, and water bottles to keep us all hydrated throughout the photos. She held up my train and sheltered me with an umbrella when we were walking in the snow and slush (my wedding day was complete with a very ugly winter storm), and she expertly bustled my train for the reception.Basically she was like having a personal assistant who remained by my side throughout the day while my wedding planners were focusing on the logistics of the event. My lady in waiting made sure I didn't have to lift a finger, that everything went smoothly, and that we looked our best. It was so nice knowing my mom and bridesmaids could really relax and enjoy the day with me, and we could all spend time together instead of worrying about those little details!


The guys need a little love, too. Hire a barber for fresh shaves, trims and maybe some tweezing. Your groom will soon realize why you love spa days so much!

Bridal Stylist

Finding your dream dress can be quite the task, and then you've got to find accessories, jewelry and a veil to match! Not to mention, make style decisions for your entire bridal party and family members who are involved in the wedding. This is where a bridal stylist, like Trousseau Style, is SO worth it. Not only will they help you complete the vision of your beautiful Bride-self, but they'll make sure that carries through to your Groom and bridal party.

Night of Nanny

Those wee ones sure do make for joyous wedding moments... the ring bearer baby who just learned to walk and the flower girls with their ridiculously adorable curls and smiles! But when dinner is done and the dancing begins, those sweet kiddos will need someone to put them to bed. Hiring a night of nanny will allow all of your guests, including those mamas and daddies, to cut a rug, too. A nanny can also be present during the ceremony and reception as well to keep an eye on all the kiddos and make sure they're not getting into trouble!

Social Strategist

When it's all over (wah!), you get to relive those moments through the gorgeous imagery your photographer captured for you. But, you might want to take it a step further and submit your wedding for publication. Your vendors might also approach you about this, so they can get their work featured! This process can be a bit confusing with so many vendors involved and possible publications to submit to. Hiring a PR agent or social strategist, like Maid of Social for example, can take all the stress out of that process!

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