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5 Ways to Prevent a Visit to an Emergency Dentist, From Kane Dental in Aventura

Prevention starts with seeing a dentist. Seeing a dentist regularly is one of the best ways to prevent a dental emergency from occurring. Intense and sometimes debilitating pain often occurs after an issue in the mouth has gone untreated.

AVENTURA, Fla., Dec. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Preventing a dental emergency is about using a teeth-first approach to life.  This means considering the protection of the teeth in choices about things like food and sports. Good oral health is the cornerstone of prevention and a big part of the five ways to prevent a dental emergency.

1 - Regular visits with a dentist

Dental emergencies often bring on sudden pain. The pain is sudden, but the condition of the tooth is not. Typically, dental emergencies happen over a long period of time and the pain is what causes a patient to see a dentist. A dentist will be looking for signs of gum disease, jaw alignment problems, cracked teeth that may be at risk of breaking and crowns or fillings that may be starting to loosen. Having an exam once or twice per year can catch the early signs of tooth and root decay. 

2 - Good oral hygiene 

Aside from accidents, it's uncommon for someone with good oral hygiene to have a dental emergency. Often they brush and floss enough to keep bacteria from growing. Brushing at least twice per day and flossing daily helps to prevent plaque build-up. 

3 - A teeth first diet 

Lots of people talk about what foods are good for the mind and body but few talk about which foods are good for the teeth.  Many sugary and processed foods are also acidic. Eating and drinking acidic foods or drinks can eat away at the enamel on teeth.  Avoid soda, sugary snacks, processed foods and alcohol. Stick to whole foods without many added ingredients. 

4 - Protect your teeth 

Mouthguards are important but often overlooked. Wear a mouthguard for any physical activity. Working on a job site, tossing the ball in the backyard, chopping wood and rock climbing are activities that require the use of a mouthguard to prevent dental emergencies.  When in doubt, wear one. 

5 - Use your teeth for chewing 

Don't use teeth for something they are not meant to be used for.  Using teeth to gnaw through plastic or open bottle caps puts them at high risk for damage. Use teeth for chewing food only. 

Dentists in Aventura with Emergency Hours:

Dentists in Aventura at Kane Dental offer emergency hours to the Miami Community. Their team has provided over five decades of dedicated service to the Aventura area. Their office has weekend hours for dental emergencies. besides cleanings, they offer bridges, crowns, dental implants, Invisalign and veneers. They also offer bonding and Zoom whitening. Go to www.kanedental.com for information.

To schedule a consult and prevent dental emergencies, residents should call 305-882-9535

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Kane Dental offers bridges, crowns, dental implants, Invisalign and veneers. Kane Dental also offers services like bonding and Zoom whitening.
Go to www.kanedental.com for information.


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