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$50 off a 2-Room Sonos Music System (Deal of the Day)

The Sonos system is awesome. This WiFi-based music device makes it possible to put music in every room of the house, choosing from the music sources you like – Pandora, Tidal, Rhapsody, and many others – and control it all from an app on your phone or tablet. Convenient. And because it’s not syncing to your phone, the music doesn’t stop if you leave the party (phone in hand) to run to the store. It’s sweet, if a bit pricey.

Through the holidays, though, you can get started with the Sonos two-room starter kit for $349 (black or white; normally $398). That’s two Play:1 speakers. If you have Wi-Fi and a phone or tablet, that’s all you need to get the music happening in two rooms of your crib.  Also? The shipping is free.

I couldn’t get you an exclusive deal on Sonos but these things almost never go on sale. So this is your chance. Don’t miss out.

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