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$52 million to $0: That's how much Hillary Clinton's campaign is outspending Donald Trump's on TV ads

Allan Smith

(Donald Trump.Sara D. Davis/Getty Images)
Donald Trump’s campaign has spent $0 on TV ads in the general-election season — a big drop off from the $52 million being spent by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Recently released ad-spending data from Advertising Analytics showed that Trump’s campaign not only spent astronomically less than Clinton’s, but also those of Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein.

However, pro-Trump PACs have spent more than $8 million on TV ads during the general-election cycle — still a significant decline from pro-Clinton groups spending more than $37 million.

After a slow start, Trump’s fundraising has picked up steam, with the candidate pulling in roughly $80 million last month. Clinton’s campaign reported $90 million in fundraising last month.

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