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About 550,000 homes, businesses lose power in US Northeast, Midwest

Feb 5 (Reuters) - More than 550,000 homes and businesses were without power in the U.S. Midwest and Northeast early on Wednesday following severe snow and ice storms overnight, according to local power companies.

The hardest hit state was Pennsylvania with over 420,000 customers out Wednesday morning.

Other hard hit states include Maryland, West Virginia, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana.

The following table lists other major outages: Power Company State Out Now Exelon PA 354,300 FirstEnergy PA 69,200 Exelon MD 59,600 FirstEnergy MD 25,400 FirstEnergy WV 14,500 FirstEnergy NJ 10,000 AEP OH 8,200 AEP - Appalachian WV, VA 6,600 AEP KY 5,900 Duke IN 2,500 Total 556,200